Sleep timer in new app?

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Is there still a sleep timer? If so, where?


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I can't believe that they made a decision to cancel the timer, what an oversight !

Just want to chime in and say that removing the sleep timer is a major inconvenience for us. We use it frequently for our daughter to listen to audio books as she goes to sleep. Please release a new version including sleep timers asap or provide an option to roll back the old version.  

I can’t believe you removed this feature and thought it would be fine.   I use it on a daily basis and was in disbelief when I found out it was indeed gone.   At first, I thought it was just buried somewhere in the completely unnecessary reskin of the UI.

Please learn from your mistake, listen to your customers, and add it back asap.   Ugh!


I agree with the community. Sonos has gone backwards with their new app. Why they are trying to copy Spotify for their look and feel? And top of it, removed important feature like sleep timer on the iPhone app. Why Sonos Why? Disappointing to see such a product from a brand synonymous with quality… 

Very disappointed to discover this crucial feature is now conspicuously absent. Please have it reinstated urgently.  

No proper sleep timer persay but I have discovered a work around where if you set an alarm with the sound level at 0 it will effectively mute the speaker. 

Obviously not ideal but has been an effective work around for me.

Very bad, i have been using the sleep timer for years! Now it has been updated out of existence….absurd. Please bring back asap….

Very bad, i have been using the sleep timer for years! Now it has been updated out of existence….absurd. Please bring back asap….


As stated here:


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With each passing day attempting to use this new app, I am more and more convinced that SONOS employed someone who has never actually used the old app to design a new app.  I have already posted my frustration with the media library’s removal. Now I find the timer feature is also gone!  You also buried quick volume adjustments. I would give serious consideration to reversing this update entirely and starting over with a new release. We won’t hold it against you and will be happy to have full functionality back.  It is hard to lose functionality once you have had it for years.  SONOS call to action:  Reverse this update. Bring back full functionality, please. 

Please can you indicate when we are likely to have the sleep timer added in the next update? This is key feature! 

Coming soon

  • Continued improvements to navigation for visually-impaired customers: mid-June
  • Adding to queue and playing next: early June
  • Sleep timer: mid-June
  • Local music library search and playback: mid-June
  • Update WiFi settings: mid-June
  • Snooze alarms: TBD

How do I get back to the old app? I need the sleep function.

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Ridiculous to remove the sleep function. Use it everyday for the kids bedtime. This should be a priority to put back. Poor judgement from Sonos and clearly not listening to their customers.


I agree that this new app is absolutely awful, hard to navigate and seems a bit unresponsive at times. However in the absence of the timer facility through the app you can ask Alexa to set a sleep timer, which I discovered late last night when I realised the app had failed me!!! 

I use to rave about sonos now I won’t until they fix the app, what a joke to remove the sleep timer, is sonos showing us now they are subpar?

The new app and its UI is total crap. I love the speaker sooo much! The new app became so complicated in use and lost important functions like  sleep timer. Sonos big step back!

I agree this programmer doesn’t have a clue Sonos better fix this asap before they lose customers 

buy a Gosund smart plug plug the speaker into it set a schedule on the plug to turn on/off it’s a little pain compared to what he had but it works until they find a real programmer to fix this major screw up 

Why remove the sleep timer with the latest update??


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Why remove the sleep timer with the latest update??


Mid-June. Just hope it comes back before my vacation! 😂

I'm a long time Sonos user and seem to remember a previous UI upgrade that added nothing but frustration to the experience.  They never learn.  Clearly the release date took priority over usability.   Sadly, my 84 year old mother in-law had mastered the previous interface and won't ever get along with the new, stupid, drag up interface.   She has an iPhone and no chance to roll back to the previous version.   

This is an incredibly backwards and short-sighted decision that will likely bite you in the posterior.


A major UI overhaul (which is arguably more complex than the previous experience and thus, worse) just in order to add some *shine*, while ignoring the information architecture and intuitiveness AND functionality that I'm sure your metrics would show are key to many, many customers is... Harakiri is the first word that comes to mind.


Saying this as a tech worker who's worked at tech companies of all sizes and in the roles I'm calling out here: the product manager and designer who agreed to do this have failed in their job of customer advocacy.

They bent over backwards to accommodate business needs just in order to ensure software support for the new headphones.


Hint: maybe angering long-time, loyal customers, and making sure they complain loudly isn't the best way to launch a new product.

Sleep timer is needed for the speaker in our sons bedroom! Don’t wait for this update!!! Should’ve never been removed in the first place!

Sonos continues to fail its customers. Like others I am moving on to alternatives. 

To add to this major oversight by Sonos ( yup, the new app is definitely a downgrade), Sonos is unable to even provide a timeline to get the app back up to its’ former functionality. Holding off on procuring any new Sonos products.