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Two in moderation today. One would think that members of several years' standing would be immune from the spam filter, but InSided's software is still pretty lame, sigh. Getting better, but still lame.
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Hey Stuart_W, there's nothing personal regarding the filter. It's a learning filter so as it goes it is supposed to get better at flagging things as spam. Now that the posts from earlier were added, it should help a lot to make the filter better. And any thread of yours or others that get pulled out also help it learn.
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I've just had a notification that there is a reply in this thread to my comment:-

But there is no reply visible at this time.

It seems that the linkage between subscribed threads and messages in moderation is not working properly.
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Parenthesis () always tend to flag me
It wasn't. Are you saying something I am missing?
But THIS post isn't being moderated - let's see.
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It's not a glitch Kumar

InSided have been messing with the spam filters for months.

Edit: It does seem that there was a major Spam outburst 8 hours ago or so I guess they just added a moderate all posts.

Why not add a post to the Spam thread though?
I suspect this is a glitch and not anything draconian.