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I replied to 3 topics this morning over 2 hours. The first 2 are held awaiting moderation but are yet to "approved".

I note from comments in a thread on the Announcements section that others are having this issue.

Why is this getting much worse and why aren't you or InSided telling us when you make these Draconian changes?

Do you not realise you irritating it is?

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I suspect this is a glitch and not anything draconian.
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It's not a glitch Kumar

InSided have been messing with the spam filters for months.

Edit: It does seem that there was a major Spam outburst 8 hours ago or so I guess they just added a moderate all posts.

Why not add a post to the Spam thread though?
But THIS post isn't being moderated - let's see.
It wasn't. Are you saying something I am missing?
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Parenthesis () always tend to flag me
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I've just had a notification that there is a reply in this thread to my comment:-

But there is no reply visible at this time.

It seems that the linkage between subscribed threads and messages in moderation is not working properly.
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Hey Stuart_W, there's nothing personal regarding the filter. It's a learning filter so as it goes it is supposed to get better at flagging things as spam. Now that the posts from earlier were added, it should help a lot to make the filter better. And any thread of yours or others that get pulled out also help it learn.
Two in moderation today. One would think that members of several years' standing would be immune from the spam filter, but InSided's software is still pretty lame, sigh. Getting better, but still lame.
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Agreed that it is irritating... unfortunately I suspect it is also necessary given the insane amount of automated spam that is proliferating today. I think it would be painful to try to read through threads with junk scattered everywhere trying to sell me performance enhancing drugs... (I'm guessing that sentence will get this post flagged for moderator review! 🆒 )

Funny thing is, I honestly can't understand the continued existence of such spam... I can't imagine it works with any level of effectiveness - even any level that might make it worth it... spamming website forums full of crap posts can't possibly attract people to a core site, or phishing site... I just don't get it... but as I've asked about in other threads about this... I'd be interested to know how much junk this new system is actually saving the board from... those stats have got to be available, but it appears Sonos prefers not to disclose them.
I honestly can't understand the continued existence of such spam... I can't imagine it works with any level of effectiveness
It's like what I see in the junk mail on my hotmail account when I take an occasional look at it. I guess there is little marginal cost in sending it to the one extra person beyond a point, so the net gets thrown as wide as possible. Whatever sticks, sticks.
I would have thought the key point to target is creation of new accounts, and then moderation of, say, the first 5 or 10 posts. Once a reputation of legitimacy is established, surely there is little need to scan contents.
It is all very arbitrary, the moderation thing. I just posted a reply: "Afaik, this feature does not exist." And it went into moderation. Probably because of the acronym. I have also noticed in the past that some of my replies that went into moderation never appeared. And there was nothing rude in them either.
Failed to use capitals for an acronym. No wonder it went in for grammatical rehabilitation!
Nope, AFAIK also gets blocked. Or maybe it is "a second attempt not allowed" moderation!
And here I thought the phrase was "Everything is better in moderation". Apparently not so.

Lol. Good one!
I agree; a post I wrote that said: " Thank you for that information" has gone for moderation.

As one that said in this thread: " Lol. That is a nice one". Also, I can sneak in this via the edit function but not as a post!
Kumar - when I click on people's username, it takes me to their profile. It's a good way to see their latest posts. When I click on "Kumar", it takes me to the community home page. I wonder if there is a problem with your account in some way?
No idea! But I suspect this post will go through:-).
Afaik (aka AFAIK) it did, but will this? Lol. That is a nice one. Thank you for that information.
All our quasi Spam is going through:D
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My last 2 posts have been moderated and a thread I posted in I received an email to say jgatie has posted but the thread is blank

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I havent posted in a while but my 2 last posts (maybe this one too?) are now subject to moderation where the previous 1262 havent!
They can't even tell the difference between a new poster who may be spamming and a poster with over 10,000 posts who probably isn't here to spam. Do you really expect them to be able to curb email notifications. Surely you jest! 😉
This is evidently a 'learning' filter. Someone perhaps ought to review the curriculum. I just hope it can 'unlearn'.