Not able to add Alexa to speaker

  • 7 December 2022
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I gifted a One to my parents and my dad called to say he can’t successfully add Alexa to his new speaker that he added to his existing sonos system.  I thought “this guy can’t do anything on his own.”  So, I get him on facetime and remove voice assistant from one of my speakers so I can walk him through the process.  I open up my app, click settings, click system, click on Sonos Move (the speaker I chose as the demonstration piece), click Add a Voice Assistant, choose Amazon Alexa, choose Add Amazon Alexa, Choose add Amazon Alexa, click sign in to Amazon, choose get started, choose allow, get a blank screen with a done option in the top left hand corner, it takes me back to the sonos app/system/sonos move AND I am right back where I started.  No Amazon Alexa added.  I have done this 15 times with two different mobile devices and am getting the same outcome.  WTF????  My dad isn’t helpless.  Or, we both are.  Help me!!!!


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3 replies

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Hi @ryanmgossett 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’m sorry to hear you and your dad had such a problem. Neither of you did anything wrong - it was just a case of bad timing, I’m afraid. There was a partial service outage with Alexa that prevented Sonos devices from signing into Alexa accounts. This is now resolved, so you should have success with the next attempt.

I hope this helps.

You guys should post this information somewhere when it is happening.  It would have saved me a ton of time.

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Hi @ryanmgossett 

I appreciate that it’s annoying to hear that your time was wasted - in this case, the problem was outside of our control. There is the status page at that you can check and we trigger warning notifications in the app, but we only know about such instances once we hear about them from the first customers to notice and report such issues, or if we spot an uptick in errors, which can take a little while to add up. To keep the in-app notifications relevant to users, we only let them appear on the devices of people who use the services affected - ironically, as you hadn’t installed Alexa yet, you didn’t yet qualify for in-app notifications relating to the Alexa service. I hope knowing about the status page will prevent this from happening to you again.