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  • 5 October 2017
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Is there a list of Echo commands that we can use now?

It would be nice if ALL of the Amazon Echo Skill’s designer would make these lists and keep them current.

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39 replies

There are plenty of Amazon Alexa commands those make easier to use Echo or Echo Dot devices. Check out this complete list of Alexa voice commands work with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.
Guy_19 - it is limited, but you can make an album in the local library a favourite, or more flexibly you can import a playlist using local albums and make that a favourite. Then using Harmony Hub I was able to pick up those in an activity, which Alexa then knows as a scene. Hey presto, Music from my local library.

As far as I can tell this isn’t true?

What is that? That Alexa grouping is not supported or that you can group via the Sonos app and ask Alexa to play to any single room and sh will play to all in the group?

If the former, Amazon has stated that only Echo devices can be used with groups at this time.

If the latter, Sonos has stated it works, and I do it every day, all day. If I group the bedroom and bathroom via the Sonos app, then ask Alexa to play in the bedroom, it plays in the bathroom too. If this is not working for you, there is something else going on.
what about group and ungroup or play xxxx everywhere?

Grouping is not supported at this time, but they say they are working on it. However, you can group via the Sonos app, then ask Alexa to play to any speaker in the group and it will play to the entire group.

As far as I can tell this isn’t true?
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Hi Poolaboy, that's to be expected no matter what you use to start the radio stream on the two players. Any time you start playing a radio station, the timing is going to be slightly off from any other device playing that same radio station. It doesn't matter if one is started with Alexa or the Sonos app, or both the same. The same would happen if you have the radio station playing on your phone and your computer. The only way to get them in sync on Sonos is to have the two grouped together, then we make sure to keep them in sync.
I have just noticed if i ask to play radio in two different rooms the timings out and i get an echo effect. Obviously i can group them in the sonos s/ware.....but alexa needs quite a bit of work me thinks......and local libs need to be a priority.
There’s an expansive and continuously updated list at
Just went into the kitchen and said "Alexa, play Ben Howard music in the Kitchen", and it worked through the Play:5, so that is progress. :D
It took 3 attempts to get it to stop though; "Alexa, stop playing music in the Kitchen" seemed to do it in the end. Obviously needs practise. I am not going to be happy though, until it works with local music library or Deezer, or preferably both.

@Guy_19 Alexa can play back music from an Amazon Music cloud account, so you could upload your music there and play it on your Sonos system via Alexa. It costs $25 / year and stores 250,000 music files.
Muting and unmuting via TV remote didn’t work for me. It was easy enough to tap TV in the app’s Browse menu.
There is no voice command to enable TV playback. Try muting and unmuting the TV remote.
I just connected my Alexa Show to my Sonos Playbar which is connected to my Samsung television in my great room. I tried using Pandora, SiriusXM and, Amazon music.... all worked very well. I was able to switch services and control the volume through voice activation on the Alexa show.... problem was when I wanted to watch TV again with my Sonos Playbar, I wasn't able to get tv sound. I tried every voice command possible with no luck. Only way I was able to get TV sound again was through the Sonos app on my phone.

Does anybody know the voice command to get the TV sound back after listening to music?
How do I tell the Playbar to play the TV sound?
Short and simple. I love it!!! Thank you to make it happen ?
Thanks ?
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Hi All.
I have a play 5 and play 1. Both seem to be doing pretty well with my stand alone echo dot.

My question is , if I buy a new play 1 with Alexa built in , then group ALL speakers with the sonos app , will alexa’s Voice come out of all 3 speakers , not just the play 1 ?

Nope. The Sonos One can control all of your players, but the only speaker to respond with Alexa's voice will be the Sonos One.

Just a quick note, there is a PLAY:1 which doesn't have microphones and never will. And there is a Sonos One, which has microphones and built-in Amazon Alexa.
Hi All.
I have a play 5 and play 1. Both seem to be doing pretty well with my stand alone echo dot.

My question is , if I buy a new play 1 with Alexa built in , then group ALL speakers with the sonos app , will alexa’s Voice come out of all 3 speakers , not just the play 1 ?
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Thanks RE libraries. :(
No, the Echo is called "Echo Dot". I only have the one Echo, to see what it was like and whether it could control Sonos adequately. Hoping that the microphones built in to the Play:5 2nd Gen might be able to control the speaker one day. They said they were installed for future proofing... I have 5 Sonos rooms.

Unfortunately, the microphones in the Play:5 were not designed for voice control. Voice control requires a far field array of microphones, the Play:5 has only two simple mics.

Yes, I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek - So what were they designed for??

They were designed for tuning the speaker to the environment I believe.
@chasiliff ; to group any Alexa devices, including Sonos units, they must first be discovered and listed in your Smart Home inventory. Assuming you've successfully discovered your Sonos speakers, here's one way to create an Alexa SmartHome device group:

Open a web browser to
Click "Smart Home" on the left side nav bar
Click "Groups" icon in the Smart Home main window
Click "Create Group" in the Groups main window
Click "Device Group" in the Create Group main window
Type a name for your new Device group; Select member device checkboxes from the list below; Click "Save"

Alternatively, you can reach the Device Group creation window directly using
Does the volume control work? I’m constantly getting the “Sonos isn’t responding” or “kitchen isn’t responding” anything I can do?
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Anyone remember Zork?

My Alexa / Sonos is currently working / stable and I'm getting used to the sentence construct required. On the whole it works and it's hard not to be just a little bit impressed.

What's interesting, and this is of course completely outside Sonos's control is the clunky construction of the sentence required.

For instance, I've got used to saying something like 'Turn the volume up in the bedroom'. Someone else might walk in and say 'Turn the bedroom volume up' and it won't work.

It's interesting to remember the very impressive language parsers used by Infocom games in the 80's (anyone remember them?). Yeah, they were only games, but they kinda what what you wanted to do no matter how you constructed the sentence and they did it all in 48K!! I'm sure it will come but Alexa (and again, this is I'm sure outside Sonos's control) is very rigid with how you ask for something, and even more limited with how she replies. An example of this is when I turn my heating on or off all she says is 'ok'.

I like it thus far, but just my observations.

I will shut up now and get back to work :-)
Has anyone tried grouping by using the alexa app, I have created a group within tbe alexa app called "all sonos" and it works!

How did you group Sonos speakers? I only see my Echo Dots coming up for possible speakers for Alexa grouping. Thanks!
It may occasionally work, but it is not officially supported at this time, and the performance can be wonky. It can also screw up other things like actual grouping from the Sonos app. The official way to group at this time is to group using the Sonos app, then tell Alexa to play to any one of the grouped speakers. It will then play over the entire group.
Has anyone tried grouping by using the alexa app, I have created a group within tbe alexa app called "all sonos" and it works!
Are you kidding me? No group control? How many of us bought Sonos to play a single speaker? For single or stereo play, there exist numerous wireless options, both cheaper and better. It's the "whole house" synchronized wireless thing that Sonos is known for. I certainly didn't invest many thousands to fill just one room. To *not* recognize one's own market niche is surely myopic.

After months of beta work, the best we can do is pause/resume, stop/play an Alexa group "Sonos" comprising our Sonos speakers? I can't find any combination of words that will affect the group volume. The only volume command that doesn't change the Echo or Dot volume earns a "Sonos isn't responding" reply.
"Alexa; Sonos stop"
no Alexa ack (but all Sonos group members cease playing)
"Alexa; Sonos play"
"Okay" (all Sonos group members begin playing last selected media)
"Alexa; Sonos volume 3"
"Sonos isn't responding" (indeed, Sonos volume remains unchanged)

I'll be curious to see if the Google Home Max can maintain whole house sync at 16+ speakers. If that's possible, Sonos days may be numbered...
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Sonos, we have waited some time for this integration. I've tooled around with it myself over the years using PGP, external servers, etc. Lots of work. What you have here is simple and elegant. We should all realize it's version 1.0 and quit complaining. Guys .. it works! Thank you SONOS for your continueing efforts of integrating your terrific products w/ Amazon Echo ...