Audio actions in routines are currently not supported on this device.

  • 5 December 2018
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78 replies

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I don't have any duplicate devices. It's a real pity since we wanted to use Sonos throughout our home instread of Alexa speakers/dots due to the sound quality. We had bought a Play One to trial this and it clearly does not work and I'm not putting up with that irritating message for each routine (even though the routine works 100% fine bar this quirk). Regardless of whether or not it is an Amazon or Sonos issue, Sonos should really try to address this in the interests of their customers. Now I need to find alternatives speakers for my home, the Sonos were so close to being perfect. Frustrating!
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Hi both

Amazon have two standards: Alexa devices and Alexa Enabled devices - Non Amazon products are always Alexa Enabled devices and have a slightly reduced level of functionality, as do Amazon's own Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. It has nothing to do with 'Sonos having no intention of fixing their Alexa integration.' Drop-in is an example of a function currently only supported on Alexa devices.

With regards to the OP's issue, I suspect that you may have duplicate device names within your Alexa Set-up, please check your Alexa App>Smart Home>Devices. The Sonos One can initiate Routines without issue, I do it all the time but with a limitation, as for all Alexa Enabled devices, that you can't initiate a Routine that plays an Audio output on a device.
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Unfortunately it is down to Sonos fixing the Alexa integration which they seem to have no intention of doing. There are other things that dont work on Sonos that are also frustrating such as drop-in. I am seriously considering giving up and going for an Show or plugging an Echo dot into a separate speaker which is a real shame since I have been with Sonos since they launched in the UK. Who knows if we get lucky they may actually read this and try to do something about it..:D As a go to man for things like thiscwith my friends my current advice to people is avoid Sonos. :(:?