Alexa in canada

  • 8 November 2017
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57 replies

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Way to go Sonos!!! Alexa has arrived
Yeah!!!! Just got the email from Sonos that Alexa as well as Amazon Prime Music on Sonos in Canada has arrived! I went to add the Alexa skill in remotely but got the message that the Sonos devices need to be updated first. 😞 Oh well, something to look forward to setting up when I get home.
Awesome! I just did "Alexa, play Debbie's stuff in the Kitchen" and it played my wife's Spotify playlist on our Sonos Kitchen speakers, first try. Nice!
That is a question for Amazon. Once Amazon makes the Alexa devices are available in your area, Sonos will be able to roll out the Sonos Alexa skill a short time after.
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you can use Alexa in Canada. Create an account on Get an echo device 9not yet available in Canada). If using iOS - create account on iTunes store USA or if using a computer you can also control Alexa from
You may need to use a smart proxy to appear as though you are in the USA - about 4-5 per month. At present you will not be able to use any of the local functions as you cannot set a Canadian address in Alexa
I don't think it as easy as that. Sonos Alexa does not work in India although Amazon launched Alexa and their devices in India last week, having announced the launch end of September. From the Sonos CEO down, at this time only vague statements have been made to me as to when this will work here. One statement yesterday says: "I am hoping that this feature will be available to you soon". A day before that: "Alexa will be available when Sonos and Alexa launch together in your region".

So we have to live in hope. I am quite pleased with how well both Echo and Dot are doing standalone with Amazon Prime Music, I have to say.

But given the proximity, Canada ought to be a simpler latching on action by Sonos, I should imagine.