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  • 8 November 2017
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When will Alexa be available in Canada?

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57 replies

My question for the Sonos engineers is this. You've got Sonos working with Alexa in the USA and Alexa is now legitimately working in Canada without the need for any bogus addresses or IP addresses. Sonos knew that this was coming. Why does it now need to take months of "engineering" to get this to work in Canada. "Early 2018" is not acceptable to me.
I strongly believe that the frustration demonstrated by SONOS users is that they love their SONOS devices and are anxious to take the experience to the next level. I have six players and I myself can't wait to get Alexa rocking. People want a more concrete ETA than just early 2018. With January gone and the frustration from the SONOS community, SONOS brass should come out with an update. Still on track for 1st quarter delivery or come out with the truth that they are experiencing challenges and a realistic delivery is more likely to happen on XXX date. Just be truthful with the customer's that put you on the map.
Alexa is now (Nov 15) available in Canada, when will Sonos turn on its availability in Canada?
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Alexa is now (Nov 15) available in Canada, when will Sonos turn on its availability in Canada?
Just ordered a sonos one and I just moved to Canada. I still have my US amazon account but I thought I'd be able to use my new Canadian Amazon account.. is it not working yet ? echos are being sold already in canada !
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Indeed. How about an update on when this will work in Canada.
Seems the Sonos skill is US only
I was able to install it by "moving" to the US from
When moving back to Canada, the skill still works so far.
My question for the Sonos engineers is this. You've got Sonos working with Alexa in the USA and Alexa is now legitimately working in Canada without the need for any bogus addresses or IP addresses. Sonos knew that this was coming. Why does it now need to take months of "engineering" to get this to work in Canada. "Early 2018" is not acceptable to me.. Agreed!!
Fixing this was easy actually. Change your Alexa app location to somewhere in the states and then update you Sonos profile to somewhere in the states. I just got my Sonos Ones working in Canada. BAM!
Hi, I am a happy Sonos user as well as many other automation devices including Harmony Hub and recently Echo Gen 2 and Alexa. My goal was to use Alexa as the voice prompt for all other integrated home automation. The Sonos speaker is far superior to Echo so I was planning to use Sonos as the main speaker in the Kitchen where the Echo also sits. Was disappointed when so many skills and features were missing from Alexa in Canada.

I started to post a lot on and got them to open up a separate Category for the support for the Canadians using Echo.

I encourage Sonos to proceed with the Canadian skills roll out like others have such as Harmony. I did get Sonos to work through Harmony Hub and Alexa but it was a bit complex.

However, some users might want to setup the Echo as a US device like I did where you can have the best of the US features as well as Canadian local awareness. Through this method I also got the Sonos skill to work quite well. Now I can just ask Alexa to play any song on My kitchen sonos.

You can see more details at the link below or just go to and look for the Maple Leaf Canadian Support section.,3263.0.html
When is Alexa skill for Sonos going to be in Canada, why is the engineering so complex that it takes this long to role out as you already have it
Again I call nonsense. Amazon voice has been up and running for months. It is not the infrastructure that is the barrier, it is the cost it the infrastructure. Sonos won't invest in Canada until there are "hundreds of thousands" of early 2018 ain't gonna happen
Yes! I bought Amazon instead of Goolge home for this feature. If this already works in the US then what is the hold up?

The holdup is they have to integrate and test the Sonos cloud with the Amazon cloud in Canada and prepare for millions of new possible users. It is an infrastructure thing. It's not a simple matter of flipping a switch.

It won't be millions of new users. I would be surprised if the total number of Sonos One systems in Canada even gets into six figures. (It wasn't being widely sold by Amazon or Best Buy before Christmas, I went into Best Buy and they had only Play:1 available) And they wouldn't all be using Alexa at same time.

Currently on, the Sonos Play:1 is still outselling the Sonos One, but the Echo is outselling them both, so I don't buy that it's a capacity issue. This is 100% on Sonos and it's very disappointing.
Not asking for a firm date and I haven't called it anything. Just a simple hey folks, we are still on track for early 2018 delivery or we are experiencing unforeseen challenges which will most likely bring the delivery date closer to Q2. Just talk to your customer. How simple of a concept is that??????
I bought 4 speakers on thanksgiving and Sonos is still working on CA skill for Alexa. Really? It February 2018.
Anxiously waiting as well. Is there a beta program for Canadian users/skills that people could join to help smooth the edges?
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Hi everyone, I just made the announcement for 8.4 which includes Alexa on Sonos in Canada.

Available today, English language control for Amazon Alexa is on the Sonos One in Canada. You can go to the More tab in your Sonos app and tap Voice Services to enable Alexa on your Sonos One.

The beta of our Sonos Skill for Alexa is now available in Canada as well, which you can install and use to wirelessly send commands from your Amazon Echo or Dot devices to your Sonos players.

To get started, enable the Sonos skill in your Alexa app.

Please note Amazon Music isn't quite ready on Sonos in Canada. More details can be found here.
you can use Alexa in Canada. Create an account on Get an echo device 9not yet available in Canada). If using iOS - create account on iTunes store USA or if using a computer you can also control Alexa from

It seems that this can be done for Sonos speakers located in India as well. If so, with Amazon having officially released the Alexa app in India ten days ago, and having commenced shipping Echo/Dot from Amazon India, I fail to understand why my Alexa app is missing Sonos Skills. Sonos claims to be "working hard" to provide this. What work is involved, if I can obtain voice control here in India just by hacks like the above?
Amazon announced this week a December delivery date. Staples and others are starting pre-sales.
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Amazon announced this week a December delivery date. Amazon and others are starting pre-sales.

I guess the idea is that sometime in dec we can use canadian accounts? It's interesting that Sonos is selling directly the one in canada but make no mention of this alexa shortcoming while you order. Not that I care honestly but a reassuring note would be nice. They have one for spotify... 🙂
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Hi everyone, I've mentioned this in a few other threads, but wanted to share here too.

We're excited to see Alexa support in Canada and are going through the engineering work and testing to bring support to Sonos. We are committed to bringing Alexa voice control to Sonos in Canada in early 2018.
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Oh no, the classic "early" timeline... better keep my US amazon account then 🙂
I can confirm Alexa control of Sonos is already working in Canada. I have 4 Echo devices which I imported from the US. When the Sonos Beta went public in October I installed the skill and paired my Sonos system with my Echo devices. The skill is still buggy but is steadily improving. I initially set up my Alexa account on my US Prime Account earlier this year. But since the announcement earlier this week I have pointed my Echos to my Canadian address and am also using the Alexa calling feature to make outgoing phone calls. I've been controllying my Logitech Harmony Hub since January and controlling my lights since then too. I don't know if and when the new Alexa enabled Sonos speaker will work, but I have been playing Amazon Prime Music playlists through my Sonos Play:1 speakers all weekend. Now, if Amazon would just enable a Sirius XM Canada skill, like they have for the US, I'll be able to listen to just about everything I want to stream. If only I could get Alexa to control streaming from my 60gb of music on my NAS. The only real difference between the US and Canadian versions is the streaming services available because they are geo-locked due to licensing.
Yes but how did you do that? I have a US Amazon account since when I set it up, Alexa wasn't available in Canada yet. However, my Sonos account is registered in Canada. So when I've tried to use Alexa, the Sonos app says I can't because it isn't available in my region. Any way around this?
Interesting. I should preface my answer by stating that when I initially set up Alexa I did it on a Raspberry Pi using an Amazon developer account. There are lots of websites which explain how to do this so Google that and try setting up a developer account. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. The other thing is that I had a US address as my default address in my Alexa account at the time. Go to and switch over to a US address and then try enabling the Sonos skill and linking it. I had a US address because my Flash Briefing had stopped working so I was trying the work around found at but I used the not .ca website. Try that and let me know if it works. Good luck.
Alexa Support is 100% active in Canada as I have set up my Amazon Echo Show to my Canadian Amazon Account. However, I am unable to get Sonos working in SKILLS as my Languages (Canadian ENGLISH) are not sync'd between my Alexa App (IOS) and my Amazon Account. Very strange. Anyone have any ideas on how the get this working.