Sonos One Flexson wall-mount - backward compatible with Play:1?

  • 24 November 2017
  • 7 replies

Quick question, sorry if it's been asked but i cant find the answer. I know the current Pay:1 mounts and stands are not compatible with the new One, but will the One mounts (particularly the flexson) work with Play:1? I swear i read this a while back, but i could be my imagination. It looks like it could be, just not sure if its been confirmed.

I will move current Play:1s to living room and set up Ones in the kitchen (would have loved to stereo paired play :1 and One in each room.....) but i'd rather mount the Play:1's on the new One wall mounts for future proofing needs if I ever upgrade living room to Ones.


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7 replies

I wouldn't think so, but perhaps you might send an email to Flexson and ask them directly? They responded to a question of mine several month ago within 2 days.
thanks, i'll do that and post outcome here. It looks like it could work. Current play:1 stands dont as there is no screw hole in the One, but the One mount looks like it basically clips onto the speaker. We'll see.
Hello, I'm not sure about Flexson but I do know the SANUS ones work with both the play 1 and One.
Flexson NOT compatible with the new ONE - there is a switch where the retaining screw fits on the older model ( find the designations confusing) but I have both.
Heh. The Sonos One is a word, the PLAY:1 is a number. The PLAY:1 is the older speaker.

Unfortunate about the incompatibility, but I'm not surprised, as you say, the switch, which I hadn't thought about, is there the screw used to be. Since you have both, is the part that mounts to the wall the same?
I received a response form Flexson. To be clear, the issue was whether the new Sonos One wall mounts will also work with Play:1. It’s been made pretty clear already that Play:1 wall mount will not work with Sonos One due to the Sonos One not having the mounting screw on the back, as noted above.

Response from Flexson: Sonso One wall mount will work with Play:1. Also, the actual wall plates are the same for the Play:1 mount and One mount. If you have existing Play:1 mounts installed, you can leave the wall plate as the connecting part for the One will work with the exiting plate:

**You won't need to replace the wall plate which is currently mounted to your wall. The new Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos One is compatible with your existing play 1 wall plate. Unfortunately we don't sell any of our wall mounts without wall plates.**
Outstanding, thank you for posting that. Now I have to figure out if I want to replace those two speakers. Maybe Santa will be good to me this year.