Panasonic TV internal speaker mute

  • 6 March 2013
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Hi all,

So the new Playbar arrived and yes it does live up to the reputation, however I'm having a real problem disabling the TV's internal speakers it's a Panasonic TX-L55WT50 and I simply can't find any set up option to turn them off. I've even tried plugging a Jack into the headphone socket but nope that didn't work either.

I can't simply turn the volume down or mute the telly as obviously the playbar depends on the TV remote control, so as soon as you touch the volume the tv speakers come back. The current work around is to have the tv volume turned down and to control the Playbar volume via iPad but this is far from perfect and flys in the face of the "simple" idea and seamless pairing.

It's currently taking the edge off of what should have been a perfect solution, any ideas?

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54 replies

Hi just bought a new TV Panasonic TX-49FX550B and trying to mute the internal speakers so that my Playbar will sound right but I can't find out how to do this or how to access the "Hotel Mode" for this TV anywhere. Does any one know the sequence to access it on this TV?
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I'll be trying this Hotel Mode feature tonight guys. Just installed my Playbase and felt dejected that there wasn't a Speakers OFF mode. Sounds promising though!