Minimum Volume is too loud to enjoy background music.

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Same problem here. No matter what max volume I set up, there is no smooth transition from silence to the volume I choose: there is a leap from silence to a minimal volume that is too loud for easy background listening.
This is annoying Sonos!
I would like to enjoy my Play:1 at my desk but I have started using a plain old headset on which I can better control the volume.
If it's a hardware problem (which I doubt considering the quality of your products) please correct your software so it streams a sound signal of lower amplitude.
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Hi everyone, starting today with Sonos 9.2 there's the ability to use the mobile controller for Android or iOS to set a maximum volume for each of your Sonos players. The reason I bring it up in here, is that if you have the maximum volume set at 50%, the whole volume bar will still go from 0-100, but 100% will now reflect what your volume limit is set to. This has the added benefit of being able to get more granular control of players at low volume, as the volume steps will scale up or down with the max volume.

So, if you never set your players above a certain volume, this is a great chance to improve the control at lower volumes. Play around with it and see if this helps.

Thank you Ryan! This is a great feature. Will try it tonight.
Unfortunately this doesn’t solve the issue. We have now a better accuracy to control low volumes but the minimum volume remains the same... Still too loud in a fully quiet room. Next update I hope.
I will continue to use AirPlay when I need very low volume.

I have the same problem. Only when I use AirPlay I get the desired low volume from my set-up (2x One, Beam and Sub).

When I play exactly the same Spotify song through the Sonos app the minimal volume is MUCH LOUDER and too loud for background listening. The first tap on the volume slider in the Sonos app has no effect (still silent). And with a second tap on the volumeslider the sound is way too loud. Setting a maximal volume (i.e. 50%) does not do anything. This is really annoying and clearly software related. When I use AirPlay with my iPad Air 2 the volume control is much beter a can be set at a nice minimal volume. Moreover the first tap on the volume slider with AirPlay does actual something and produces a very minimal volume. This means it's not hardware related.

Sonos please fix this! This issue has been addressed over 2 years ago. I spend a lot of money on my set and this is not something you would expect from a 'premium' brand.
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“The best answer” on this thread is just ridiculous and I assume written and then voted as truth by a Sonos Marketing/PR person.

The maximum volume has zero impact on the actual minimal volume. When I set it to 20% maximum volume (Playbar and 2x Play 1) the only thing that happens is that the volume slider responds later but the actual audible minimum volume is exactly the same.

My suggestion to Sonos, less focus on Alexa and Siri gimmicks. Focus on the ABC’s of your products, and make it possible to lower the minimum volume. A topic that is highly requested by the community for over more than 3 years now.

If else, then just close the community because you clearly have no intention of actually listening to customer feedback.
To be honest, I have never understood this issue. If I move the slider all the way to the left, to zero, it then takes me a few taps to the right of the button to get it to an audible level; one tap to the right of the button still seems like zero to me.
I think the key is tapping to the side of the volume button, and not trying to move it directly.
PS: and as the first page of the thread shows, I am not alone either. And those posts were before the 9.2 change/improvement.
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If you have 10+ meters of distance maybe but in our case we have a chairs next to the Play 1s and then the sound is really way too loud on its absolute minimum. And yes, I know how a slider works.
My experience is also from my desktop pair. Maybe I am just deaf.
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My two workstation Play 3s sit less than 3 feet from my face, a Play i is about the same at my bench, and my recliner's Play 5 is about 4 feet away. All are pretty much inaudible at low volumes.

I'd call Sonos when you can be at your speaker and work with the phone people.
Stereo pair of play:1 on desk, or single play:1 in bathroom, minimum volume is way too loud for background music. It needs to be 25% or lower of what it is currently.

I'm using Google play music or YouTube music as streaming source.

Same issue with physical buttons on the play:1 or using the android app.

My AV receiver with a Chromecast audio can go much lower in volume than a play:1 with same music source. I don't believe electronics couldn't allow going lower than that. Please fix as this makes play:1 not suitable for bedroom or on a desk in a quiet environment.

Note: I have other play:1 in stereo in other rooms such as kitchen or sports room and the need for lower volume doesn't exist here, I'm talking about quiet environment such as bedroom or home office.


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