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We are looking at purchasing a Sonos system for our office but we have a few specific requirements. I think we would probably get several Play 1 speakers and a Connect base station. These will all be on a wired Ethernet network.

1) Can we disable the volume controls on the speakers? We have problems when staff have control over the volume level.
2) Can we reduce the bass frequencies to an absolute minimum? We have one team who usually listen to music on a closed Macbook Air and they don't want a full frequency response speaker.
3) Can the volume of all speakers be controlled centrally?
4) Is there a client available for Macs and PCs that will enable playback of the streamed content using the computer's built-in speakers?


Best answer by Kumar 20 June 2017, 18:04

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Yes to the first three, no to the last. And you don't need a Connect base station.
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Hi Kumar, thanks for your reply. So would the client play music using Spotify from a computer on the network then? Apologies, but I'm unfamiliar with how the Sonos system works.
Sonos controllers hosted on computers or phones on the network would instruct the specified play units to play music using Spotify - or other services/radio stations available to them - via the internet feed to the network. If a phone hosted controller app is used, a computer isn't even needed.
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That is good news, thanks again.
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One last question, sorry! When you disable the volume controls, does that also disable the mute button?
There is just a pause button, and it is also disabled. All the speaker buttons are, together.
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Yes, all hardware button will be disabled.
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Ah, that's not so good then. Shame. We wanted the staff to be able to mute the speakers, if they have to answer the phone for example, but not mess with the volume. What about the remote control? Does that offer any other options? I know, we're asking for some rather unusual features here! 🙂
Using the controller app, you can mute any of the speakers at your choice. And I mean any, so that if you have a practical joker, they could mute someone else's, or even control the volume using the app.
Unfortunately for you, Sonos remotes are all masters; there isn't any master/slave architecture there.
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It sounds like Sonos isn't designed for our type of environment, which I don't find surprising as it is a consumer product. Thanks for all your help though.