sonos arc black not available in Poland

  • 15 October 2021
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Hello, I’m interested to buy Sonos arc black but there is not any available in Poland for some reason . I have found few white ones ( not fitting with my furniture). Do you have any ideas why is like that. I have contacted few shops in Poland and they can’t give me the answer when they will have black ones. Any idea ?



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3 replies

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There is very low or no stock of the black Arc, and many other Sonos devices, all over the world because of high demand, supply chain issues, and a global microchip shortage.

Have you checked the availability on the Sonos website from Poland?

Yeah, I have checked all shops in Poland only white available. I m not in rush just was wondering what happened. I ordered new tv with Dolby Atmos just wanted to have good sound. Thanks for reply 

Regarding link to polish shop it shows black available but if you go to order it gives you roughly price ( without tax and delivery), delivery I can understand but tax it can be big depending from what county it will be shipped. If would be able to choose shop in Germany or any shop except UK than ok ( no tax ), but I can’t.