Project Turntable + Project Pre-amp

  • 5 September 2023
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hello everyone,

I am looking for help to setup my turn table.

Currently, my Sonos setup is mainly for Home Theatre. It is a 5.1 setup comprised with Arc, Sub, Amp driving the 2 passive rear ceiling speakers.

I have an old Pro-Ject turn table with a Pro-Ject pre-amp that I would like to incorporate in the Sonos ecosystem.

Since my Amp is already setup to the 2 passive rears, I cannot use it for the turn table. So I think I need to look for a Sonos speaker that has line-in capability to drive the turn table with its build-in amp and allows me to include the turn table to my Sonos setup. Am I thinking this right?

Prefer result would be a Sonos product compatible to the S2 app and allows the turn table to play across all my Sonos products.

Thank you for any advice.




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I use a Port.  I think you can find an older Connect s15 I believe that is S2 compatible.  With the ERA 100 out that is probably the way I would go now.  It is my understanding that you can use it as a Port almost, but then you also have a speaker if you ever desire. I think you could line in to the Era 100 and then select that as the source for whatever setup you like.  

thank you!


to be cost effective and works with the S2 app, I think I would look for the Era100 over Port, Amp, 5 or Era300.

You are correct.  If you are looking for a speaker, you can choose the Five, or an Era100/300 with the line-in accessory dongle.