PLAY:3 or Two PLAY:1's?

  • 15 April 2016
  • 29 replies

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29 replies

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Another "down side" of the PLAY:1, and indeed the new Gen 2 PLAY:5 and SUB, is that each has only a single network port. This means that they cannot be daisy-chained as the older products such as the Gen 1 PLAY:5 allow. Not an issue if you are content to use SonosNet, but annoying if (like me) you prefer to wire in the ZonePlayers and SUBs!
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2 x play:1s
Newer tech inside. You can stereo pair these 2 mono speakers together. Or move one down stairs into the kitchen and have same music(or different) as you move around house., that's what sonos is all about.
Be warned though, you will want more!!

Only down side with both is there is no line in that you will need for free spotify, youtube, pc sounds.
Still you can buy a play:5, connect, connect amp, or playbar next which have ;O)
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When I first listened to a single Play:1 and compared it to a single Play:3 a few years ago there was not a huge amount in it but the Play:3 won. I was told at the time that 2 Play:1s was better, but it was out of my budget so didn't listen to that. Since then I have read that the Play:1s have had their firmware tweaked somehow which has helped the sound. With all that knowledge and a very well informed reply above, I'd say that the 2 x Play:1s will be the better choice from a listening point of view without a shadow of doubt.
2 Play:1s and it's not even close.