I dont want Alexa

  • 18 December 2017
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I want to buy a One/Play1 but I DON'T want Alexa built in, call me old fashioned but I am uncomfortable with the concept of a microphone constantly listening to every word said in a room. Which one do I need or are they only now available with Alexa built in/?

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5 replies

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Then don’t buy one. Buy a Play 1 instead. Identical speaker minus Alexa.

It sounds as if you really do need to browse the products pages to understand what you want.
Buy a Play:1. Even if you bought a Sonos One, you can simply never enable Alexa and turn the microphones off. Even better for those who are truly worried, the microphones cannot be turned on by software, and even if it were possible, the LED is hardwired so the user always knows when it is on.
The one without Alexa is also £50 cheaper,, easy choice.
Thanks for your help everyone, got the right one and very happy.
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Glad you got your answers Clive. I would like to make it very clear that you can 100% use the Sonos One and simply turn off the microphones by pressing the button on top of the microphone, and that's if you go through and set up Alexa.

We designed the Sonos One with a light linked to the microphones to be extremely clear when you microphones are on or off. There isn't a software way to turn the microphones on without the light engaged. If one has power, both do. This way you will always know if the microphones on the Sonos One are on, and will know when it might be listening.