Do I get 2 Play 3's and a Sub or 2 Play 5's?

  • 15 January 2017
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32 replies

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Hi tharikn,

As has been mentioned, this is a subjective discussion and much will depend on what you prefer to hear, but you did ask for opinions and I'm happy to add mine.

I, personally, can't bring myself to purchase the 3s. I have 6 P1s in my house 4 in smaller rooms as pairs and one set as 5.1 surrounds, and 3 5s - one in a stereo pair in a room much the size you outline. I am amazed by the quality of the 1s - they are fantastic... and exceptionally versatile for future adaptation if you eventually grow your system. (I've considered moving one of my subs to join the 1s for a test just so I can hear what the combo sounds like, but simply haven't done it.)

As the price point goes up... I so much prefer the sound of the 5, and find it such a superior device, that I can't find myself settling for the middle of the pack 3s.

Depending on what you choose to listen to, the 5s do have awesome bass response and I think you could be very satisfied with them in the space you are considering.... I find mine in stereo pair to be very sufficient for the space. (I should also say that to be clear, there's nothing in bass response that compares to the sub - obviously given the very isolated and specific purpose of it... I can't say enough good things about it or why anyone who has a playbar should probably have one... but that is another topic. 😉 )

Also, just to give you something else to consider.... dependant on the primary purpose (dedicated listening, social music during hosting events, etc...) and room layout, to help fill the space in as rounded a manner as possible, for just a little bit more money you could consider 4 ones and a sub. I get that it is more money... but the cost of that relative to the 2 3's and sub isn't that far off and you'd have a stereo pair at one end bonded with the sub and a stereo pair at the other end of the room... lot's of versatility and potentially future flexibility as your home audio system expands to encompass your whole home.... (many of us consider Sonos an addition 😉 )

Regardless of where you land, I'm pretty confident that you will like the system... enjoy
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4 play 1 plus a sub.

Kris 🙂
Pair of Play1s plus Sub.
A better decision would involve 1 pair + Sub v 5 pair. There is little to nothing that a 3 pair + Sub does compared to the former.
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John is right as the Play5 is a newer product and may be a better choice.
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Hello and welcome to the Sonos community
There is no correct answer as it depends on you. Once you start with Sonos you will keep expanding.

I would start with the Play3s and a Sub. (and if you cannot wire one of the speakers to the router a Boost)

Hope this helps
My vote is two Play:5s. I think the P:3s have been left behind a bit and personally I prefer the P:1 to the P:3. The P:5s have excellent bass and can do without the Sub.

Edit addition: The P:5 is vastly better sonically than the P:3, is more versatile as it has a line-in, and has built-in microphones which might make it more future proof. I think it also shares the better networking technology introduced with the Boost.