Bathroom .... Play 3 or Connect:Amp & ceiling speakers?

  • 21 January 2018
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I am doing up my whole house and need to lower the ceiling 5cm to create a service space for cat6/electric etc.

I want to have Sonos in the bathroom, should I wire in a Play 3 (plus outside the bathroom, speaker inside) or have ceiling speakers and a connect:amp?

I love the sound of the Play3 so wondering if 50mm deep ceiling speakers can compete and also wondering is there is any restriction/downside on having the Play3 in the bathroom?
Thanks in advance.

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5 replies

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I would use a Sonos One - I have one in the bathroom and voice control in bathroom is very handy. It's not a room that having you have phone/controller readily available. You could be taking a shower and tell the Sonos One to play a song.

Also the Sonos One and Play:1 are considered moisture resistant. The Play:3 is not.
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Thanks Chris - I have a Play:ONE in the kitchen and the sound is fantastic ... however the sound of my Play:3 is better. Good point, Alexa is useful in the bathroom and thanks for the detail about the moisture resistance.
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Yes I agree the Play:3 is slightly better in sound then the Play:1. But bathroom to me tends to reverb the bass a lot so the Play:1/Sonos:One which to me doesn't have as much low end as the Play:3 has plenty in my bathroom.
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I have gotten in the habit every morning of walking in bathroom after waking up and asking my Sonos:One for the weather (can also do daily briefing) and then throwing on a song as I get in shower. All with no controller needed. Very handy use of voice control.

Everyone is all gaga about voice control. To me it has some limited uses when it comes to playing music - but bathroom and kitchen are prime areas where your hands are not always free to be using the controller and voice control is a nice convenience.

Kitchen - I have Echo Show (screen is nice there) and use it to voice control the Play:5 in kitchen.
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We have a play1 in the bathroom and the sound is better than any other room, we have play1's and play5's all round the house but the play1 in the bathroom has such good sound.
Firstly I thought there was something wrong with it so i swapped it for a different play one from the kitchen but I guess it must be the acoustics in the bathroom as the bathroom still sounds better!, We have it on the floor in a corner. We have a stone floor, maybe that makes a difference but the sound is really good.
You really can beat music in the shower!