240 volt power cables

  • 28 January 2018
  • 5 replies

Moving from the US back to Australia. Have 6 Sonos devices. can I buy suitable power cables for AU 240v power? I know that the devices are dual power.

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5 replies

I would look at the Sonos Australia website, under "Shop". Pretty sure they'd sell Australian power cables under the section labeled "Accessories, Addons, and Extras", much as they do US versions on the US website.
To say something that is probably known: the cable is the same, just the termination at the mains socket end has to be of a plug that will go into the Aussie socket; an adapter will also work to accommodate the cable you have.

If you have a Connect Amp remember to set it to 240 else you will damage it. All other units accommodate the change with no intervention needed.
thanks, All.
Yes, you can buy replacement power cables that will plug into Australian plugs. I recently did this for a Play 1 and found a cheap cable in an electronics store - I think it was for a printer? It worked ok but didn't have the tight right angle bend so the speaker was slightly angled so I wouldn't recommend that for a long term solution. It was ok for a 3 week holiday - we got to have our SONOS music with us at least.

An adaptor plug could also work as Kumar suggests. However be careful that it has a good connection as some are poor quality and my cause breaks in contact which cause the speaker to restart. A good adaptor may cost more than a proper cable?
Thanks All.