20 year old house - BOSE - Built-INvisible

  • 26 January 2018
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We bought a house with a Denon receiver and 5 BOSE Built-INvisible amplifiers - we're familiar with the SONOS world and I kept our CONNECT:AMP because I thought it may be helpful here... I'm wondering if I can connect 5 Connects or Connect:AMPs to these wired speakers and rock and roll, there are 14 different sets of BOSE speakers running off of individual volume knobs in various rooms and outdoor spaces... I would hire a specialist, but we live in a small place and there is no one like that for over 100 miles. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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3 replies

If you use the connect amp i would bypass the knobs as it would jus add more resistance in the line. The amps are only 55W at 8ohms.
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So, the Built-INvisible appears to be an amplifier, so connecting the Connect:Amp to its inputs would result in bridging amplifiers. Some amps are designed to accommodate this, but most are not - I'd try to find a manual to make it's ok to go from speaker out on the Connect:Amp to the inputs on the Bose device.
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A Sonos Connect might be better with those built-in amps since it's a line-level output...