Won't Update Music Library

  • 24 November 2021
  • 3 replies

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Trying to update my Music Library. Getting the message:


However, that path is absolutely available.


Additionally, I am literally listening to music in that Library right now. Sonos can find it, Windows can find it, it just won’t update.

3 replies

Since Sonos uses SMB and NTML in order to “read” an NAS, showing that Windows can see it doesn’t really tell us much, since it uses an entirely different protocol.

I’d recommend checking your NAS to see if there was a firmware update that turned off SMB v1 and/or NTML v1.

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Why would it be able to play from the NAS but unable to read from the NAS?

Since I didn’t write the code, nor do I have access to it to see how the pathways work ,if they possibly work on two separate paths, I don’t really know. It was merely a potential solution, feel free to ignore if it offends your sensibilities.