Ray wont work with Sky Q

  • 8 June 2022
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I am unable to get the volume working on Sky Q, any ideas?

I have tried auto setup and selecting the model (Ray not known)




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Isn’t the SkyQ remote either a Bluetooth or Wireless remote… the Ray is controlled using ANY infrared remote so try any such remotes you may have about the place. Unless there’s a way to switch the SkyQ remote to use infrared instead?

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Have you tried the Remote Control Setup in the Sonos app under the Ray’s settings?

Read more here:

See this link too:

Very weird, just tried the Sonos app again and it worked! 

However, it's not working in the sky app

What audio format is the sky app sending in? The max available on the Ray is Dolby Digital, so if it’s sending anything higher, such as Dolby Digital Plus, or Atmos, the Ray won’t be able to process that signal (and technically, it’s a case of the TV not being able to send it across the optical cable).

Good question I am seeing PCM on the Sonos app from Sky. On this Phillips TV there is no option. Which I can find to choose the type of digital output. 

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Sky’s software, being an American. I’d assume it would be somewhere in their settings, but couldn’t guaranty that. I do know that the Ray is, based on the fact that it has only an optical input, restricted to Dolby Digital, and nothing higher.