Keyboard Media Keys Stopped Working

  • 30 January 2022
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I am have having problems with the next/previous media keys on my new Logitech K780 Keyboard. Initially, when I set up the keyboard everything worked fine. It controlled which ever media player I had open, including (& most importantly) the Sonos Desktop App. 
Then yesterday they stopped working with the Sonos desktop app. Specifically the next and pervious song keys stopped working. All other keys including play/pause works fine. 
I have tried an online **keyboard test** , tried using other media player and my K780 controls iTunes and Spotify fine. 
I have also tried using other wireless/bluetooth keyboards and they along with my built in laptop keyboard control the Sonos desktop app to move the song along or go back one fine. 
I have also tired doing a safe restart on my laptop and disconnect/reconnected the keyboard several time. I have also tried restoring default setting through the Logi Options App. None of these simple troubleshooting methods seem to have solved the problem. 

It is strange as it was working a few days ago and now has just stopped. It like the keyboard isn't talking to the app on these very specific keys! 

Any help would be much appreciated as it is a key function I use on the Keyboard. 

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Hello @kathyalex, welcome to the Sonos Community. I’ve also got a Logitech keyboard, but it uses a different software unfortunately and all media keys work fine. 

One other thing you can try is uninstalling and re-installing the Sonos App. Let us know if that helped.