What Crap is Sonos Beam

  • 28 January 2023
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Why is the Beam such a crappy speaker? After having it connected to my SONY Bravia I tired of it losing the connection. Connect, disconnect, connect. Over and over again and again. I finally moved it to the bedroom to use  as a stand alone speaker. Again with the same connection problem. Sometimes it plays. Other times it doesn't produce sound even though the app is showing the little dancing bars.

Hell the Roam has outshined the Beam. It has been flawless for such a little speaker.

I went through he whole wifi updating as recommended by Sonos and it working for a while but then it stopped playing when selected. It seems to like when it's selected via the iMac but not the iPad. Sometimes it likes the iPhone other times not.

Totally frustrating to invest so much money on the Sonos products and experience this crap. Sonos get you act together. You have a real issue here.

Anyone else suffering with this speaker? I am ready to invest in another company’s products, Hello Klipsch or Polk and heave this one straight into the trash.

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I love my Beams. You sure its not your TV that is the problem? Sounds like a CEC or ARC issue.

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Losing connection to the TV or wifi?

I think that you should work with SONOS support. You have a network connection or a hardware issue. Support has access to data that can confirm.