volume changes on its own

  • 3 October 2016
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The volume keeps lowering on its own

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13 replies

The volume keeps lowering all on its own. How do i fix?
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Welcome to the community. We can find out, we just need a bit more to go off. What controller are you using? What Sonos device(s) do you have? What are you listening to when it happens? Please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. Thanks in advance.
Same issue when using the sonos app.

Any chance you could read the post before yours, and take the requested action?
Sonos app on iphone 7
2 play 5s
Music stream via spotify
Thanks for all of your help around here, Airgetlam. You guys are amazing.

Hi derekkeane, welcome to the Community!

On each IOS device that you're using to control Sonos, please perform the following steps:

Tap the "Settings" icon (the gear icon)

Scroll down to the Sonos icon and disable the 'HW Vol Control' and the 'Lock Screen Controls' under the program options.
Great, thank you.
Same problem. Just started 1/19/18. Running version 8.2.2. No changes in software on my iPad Pro. Tried numerous things including turnin off the settings noted in a tech reply in iOS “Settings”. I do not have Spotify and have been using this for years. Installed on iPhone8 to see if it might make a difference - it did not.

I believe I've replied to you in another thread, but if not, I'd highly recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minute of experiencing this issue, and call in to Sonos to discuss.
Just ran it and sent the config # ... I will call
I think they'll be able to help you. I *think* that there's data within the diagnostic that tells which device is sending the signal in that changes the volume. Never had this problem myself, so my knowledge is only anecdotal.
Ive been having this problem since I got our playbar in 2016 and have sent in more than a few diagnostics but because its random the problem may seem to be fixed and does not appear for a while and then it goes and lowers the volume randomly. when you try to increase it it just falls back down again. I have truly found this disappointing and hugely frustrating especially when have tried everything to no avail. even plugged in ethernet and still happens. any suggestions as Im seriously thinking of taking it back and getting it seem to or replaced. over two years of this and Ive had a guts full!
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I’ve been noticing this lately. I usually play my music library on a play:5 in the bedroom at night. Turn on the sleep timer with the app on my iPad. The next morning, the volume on the ipad will be down to about 1 click above mute.