Trueplay tuning - too much background noise in a quiet room

I have three Sonos units (2 One SL and 1 One) in three different rooms. I am unable to successfully complete Trueplay tuning in any room. Each time, the tuning gets about 50% of the way through the process ring and then the app says there’s too much background noise. 

I have tried:

  • Rebooting the Sonos app
  • Rebooting the phone (iPhone 15)
  • Taking off the phone cover
  • Cleaning the phone with alcohol
  • Blowing compressed air in the phone mic holes
  • Turning off the AC
  • Turning off the lights
  • Turning off all air filters
  • Walking barefoot in soft socks on carpet

At this point the room is totally quiet, and still the app tells me there’s too much background noise to run Trueplay. As this is happening with three units in three rooms, I’m inclined to believe this doesn’t have to do with room noise but either with my app and/or phone.

Is this a known issue with either the Sonos app and/or iPhone 15? It’s frustrating not to be able to use this advertised feature that pertains to the core user experience of the product. I should note that my iPhone 15 is a few months old and works perfectly.


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Same problem. Also have iPhone 15 and Sonos One using the new app

Same problem. iPhone 14 Pro Max. New app. New 8” architectural speakers