• 9 March 2024
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Sonos is the WORST speaker product i’ve ever used! 
It continues to drop and all support can say is “check your internet”. EVERYTHING IN MY HOUSE RUNS ON INTERNET AND NOTHING ELSE HAS SUCH RIDICULOUS LOGIC AS: “Short break in connection, stop running completly” . * RECONNECT after internet drops


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3 replies

Sonos gets a 4.5 star average on Amazon ratings, the highest rated smart speaker in its price range.  Fix your network.

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The network requirements for a printer are somewhat different to that for a multi-speaker, multi-room system like Sonos. It’s not just a matter of network speed.
In simplified terms:
Computer says “print this”; printer misses some data, computer re-sends it and you never know it happened. 

Sonos controller says “play this”; Speaker misses some data, and you hear missing music. Whilst Sonos buffers  some data before starting to play the music, a few dropped data packets and you have problems. 
This may not be the issue for your system, but I hope it explains why other kit on your network seems to be ok. 

All of the regular contributors here have properly configured our networks years ago. We don’t have these issues. If you are unwilling to properly configure your network, I suggest that you avoid further trauma and sell your SONOS as soon as possible and install something else that does not require such robust network support.

If you give us or SONOS support your system and network details, we can make some suggestions. Over the years we have bailed out thousands of users who had “perfect” networks that didn’t perform.