Play5 stereo line-in, regular sound drops from one speaker

  • 29 January 2022
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I've set up my two play:5 gen2 in a stereo pair with line-in to my TV. I've had this setup for several years without issues. I later added a sub for niceness. 

Since I moved into my new two-story house I've experienced drop outs from the speaker that does not have the line-in cable (Left), at an increasing rate.

It's now at the point where the left speaker is more off than on.

At one point in time I lost connection to both speakers and wired the speaker with the line-in cable (Right), which got the connection back, but the drop outs kept appearing.

In the network matrix I notice that the Right speaker does not contain the left one, but the left one does include the right. I have two more speakers, but I've disconnected these when I tried to identify if they caused an issue. It didn't change anything to power off all other speakers than the stereo group. 

I'm my network at home is set up by my isp with two mesh "boxes". One on each floor. I've had to wire my speaker to the top one, even though my speakers are at the ground floor.

Any help or ideas on trying to identify the issue is appreciated!

I'll see if I can upload the matrix. 

1 reply