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I had a rat take up residence in my Sub and chew the 6 wire ribbon cable from the power supply to the main board.    Does anyone know how I can this part?  I have reached out to Sonos to no avail.  I also talked to some audio folks and nothing either.  Bricked my $700 sub for a $1.50 cable.



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Sorry to hear that some unwanted house guest(s) ruined your sub. Unfortunately, Sonos does not offer a repair service and 3rd party Sonos repair service centers are non-existent (at least in the US; as far as I know).  You can find a few DIY video’s on Youtube referencing Sonos sub tear-down and repair.  

If repair is not possible here are some less than retail pricing options:

  • Sonos Upgrade Discount (Gen 1/Gen2 to Gen3 @ 15%-30%)
  • Sonos Last Chance (Sub Gen2)
  • Sonos Certified Refurbish
  • Local/Online Retailer Open Box 
  • Local/Online Retailer Scratch n’ Dent
  • eBay 
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Unfortunately manufacturers don’t like to stock spare parts - too little profit in it, apparently.

I don’t have any direct knowledge of the inside of the Sub, but generally a 6-way cable should be fixable, if you’re willing to solder. If it’s only 6 wires, you can simply substitute in a home-made loom.

Alternatively, you may be able to find a similar sub on Ebay with a different fault, being sold for spares or repair, as a source for a spare cable.

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If you can’t do it any local electronic repair shop should be able to do it for a few minutes labor charge.

Several folks make grills for the Sub to prevent critters or kid’s toys from entering.

I got the screens so no more rodents get in.  I’m more than willing to solder and have found the cable on Amazon but I am not sure what the ends are.   I am going to Chicago and my brother is EE so hopefully he can help me figure it out and fix it.   Again so stupid that a 1.50 cable is going to brick my $700 Sub.   Thanks Sonos.   Cut me some slack!

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I really hope you are able to repair your sub as they are expensive. However, your anger is misdirected at Sonos judging by your last statement. Good luck with your repair.

My beef with Sonos is that they are giving me little guidance in replacing the cable.  I reached out to both tech support and a Sonos dealer and neither could provide me information on a replacement cable.  I know it is a 28 gauge ribbon cable but and not certain what the connectors are on the ends.  I live in a rural area with no Audio/Electronic stores near me.  A simple:  “It is X connectors on the ribbon cable” would help me in find the right one on line at DigiKey.  I already bought one cable but it was the wrong connector even though it looked correct in the picture.  I’m not asking for Sonos to stock parts that one in a million users will need but at very least provide information so I can source elsewhere.  And I do not want to solder my boards as I’m not a tech and don’t want to mess them up further than they already are...

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Why not simply repair the original cable?

Simply splicing in sections of wire to replace the destroyed section, then insulating it with some shrink-wrap tube should take less than five minutes per wire.

You only need the wire, something to cut it with and a soldering iron.

Solder kit:

Thousands of good videos on how to solder and you can practice on spare wire to get it right.


This is a follow up from this post where a rodent took up residence in my sub and chewed through the wire that connected the switch to the main board on my Sub Gen2.   After two months plus of searching high and low with little to no help from Sonos proper, I managed to find the cable to turn my $699 boat anchor back into a Sub.

For those other folks still searching you need a six wire cable with 1.25mm pitch with 6 pin connectors.  The connector is 8.5mm wide.  The cable needs to be at least 20cm (about 8 inches) long.    I found the cables from a company on Amazon but their listing is now gone - I got the last one.  To help the Part SKU was P4926A-1 for a two pack.

Remember also to get those hole screens on ETSY to stop them buggers from getting back in.

Good luck!  And Turn up the Bass!

And in the end...failure.    After replacement of the cable I found the power switch was somehow damaged.  After working with the unit I did get it to connect.  Unfortunately after I switched my wireless AP out a couple of weeks later the unit would not connect.  I spent hours and I finally have given up.  It appears the damage from the rodent was more than just a chewed cable.  So I ended up getting a refurbed Gen3 as a replacement.  

The lesson is clear here.  If you live somewhere where mice or other critters come into your house in the fall get the hole covers from Etsy before they find a nice litte cave to climb into and chew, pee, and run amok.  Both my subs (and my sub mini) are all protected now so hopefully i won’t have tyo go through this exercise again.


The rat may have created some damaging short circuits as it chewed. Or there may have been additional chewed areas that you didn’t notice. A recording of a big dog would make me feel good, but would not provide absolute protection.