How many Sonos ceiling speakers do I need for an open room that is 12 feet by 30 ft?

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I just purchased the 8” In-Ceiling Set and the 8” In-Ceiling Speakers by Sonos and Sonance (Pair). The basement room that I purchased it for is an open room that is approximately 30ft by 13ft. I plan to have all 4 of the speakers installed in this room, questions:

  1. Is 4x 8in Sonos speakers too must for this room size?
  2. Am I ok to use 12 gauge speaker wire?
  3. Any other advise would be greatly appreciated?

Thank You


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1 - This will most likely be fine, but the speakers you need often depends on your personal taste and what you intend to use the room for.   Without more information, it’s difficult to give a good recommendation.

2 - Speaker gauge needs is dependent on the length of wire needed. 12 gauge is overkill for most applications.   if the amp is located in the same room, or need by, I would use 14 gauge as it’s easier to work with.


Thanks Danny!

I was told that 12 gauge would give a better sound, that why I was asking about using 12 gauge vs 14 gauge.

Google speaker wire gauge chart and you’ll see lots of info.  Your speakers are 8 ohm.



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Too big, aside from flexibility and fitting connectors isn’t a problem, it costs a bit more. 

I tend to step up one size from the recommended values if I’m at 50% or more of the maximum distance.