Group Sound Distortion

  • 23 October 2023
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Hi All I am a 65 year old Sonos novice and have now joined your community to look for help as I cannot resolve my issue although I have been adding to the sonos system for a number of years now I haven't suffered from many issues. I have recently noticed that when I group two of the main rooms the sound begins to distort on the one’s at times but not all of the time only occasionally 2 one’s in same room will distort or cut out the other room sounds fine, should I group an additional main room (all three main rooms together) all the one’s distort. In each of the three main rooms I have the following 1 Play base + 2 One’s + 1 Sub, an additional room has 2 one’s + 1 Ray which was recently added also further additional 5 rooms each having 1 one.

The complete system comprises of the following

3 x Sub

3 x Play Base

1 x Ray

15 x One (2 not yet connected?)

I have searched the online help but cannot find anything relating to this issue the system has been updated as of this morning and I have reset the router a number of times without success, the Wi-Fi is strong in every room. Our broadband seems fine as we regularly stream movies on two devices at the same time without any issues.

Hopefully someone can help as I am now scratching the bottom of the barrel so to speak



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23 replies

Very likely there are some network issues. You can investigate potential wireless issues with the following:

Go to Settings → System → About My System and note the IP address of a player. WM: 0 indicates units using SonosNet, the SONOS wireless network. WM: 1 units are using WiFi. Then use a web browser to go to http://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn:1400/support/review and open the Network Matrix at the bottom. Red cells are drawing attention to potential wireless issues. You can post a copy of the Network Matrix here. The newest units, such as RAY do not report their data here. Note that this is a static view. If you make any changes, refresh this page.

For best security you can smudge each unit’s MAC address (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX).

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Thanks Buzz I will have a look and come back to you

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Hi Buzz I don't believe you would be able to open the Matrix link and I cannot find a way to attach it to this either, there are 6 red cells any help would be appreciated.

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Copy paste works for posting images.

For image files click the little mountain picture above the posting box.



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Hi Stanley tried the copy & paste without success its a large matrix and I can only attach images like pictures etc using the little mountain picture the file I need Buzz to see is a XML file and I dint know how to convert to a picture format


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Uploading the web page source won’t work with this forum, you need to save it as an image.

I just took a screenshot of my web browser page showing my network matrix and it looks like it will post here using copy/paste.

And after saving it to a file with the upload / mountain option.


Edited to remove no-longer needed screenshot images.

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Thanks Stanley how did you take the screenshot don't know how to do that


How are you viewing the Network Matrix? PC? MAC? Android or Apple phone/pad?

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I’m running Linux so I just picked the screenshot app off my menus.

I don’t know if Windows or Mac includes one or not since I don’t use them.

On my Samsung phone and tablet I can click the volume-up and power together to take a screenshot.

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Hi Guys apologies for the delay in responding 50t of sub base arrived early this morning getting our drive redone had to deal with it.

Buzz I have managed to get an image of the matrix with the help from Stanley_4 see below. I have no idea as to what this is or how it can help me resolve the issue.


Unfortunately, the newest units do not report their data here. (white background cells in the left column)

Most of the units shown are using wired (gray background cells) network connections. The orange cells indicate wireless connections that are a little weak, but the levels are high enough to be useable. There could be some issues with your network that will not show here. If you give us details about your network configuration we may be able to suggest some improvements.

I suggest that you submit a diagnostic within a few minutes of encountering an issue, then contact SONOS phone support. The diagnostics are extensive, but we don’t have access to them here. Network issues leave tracks in the diagnostics.

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Thanks Buzz this is all way over my head however my son who is in cyber security will have a look at our network settings when he arrives this coming weekend as soon as we have further details I will be in touch

Many thanks for your help

@Haggismac You appear to have disabled the “WiFi” (i.e. SonosNet) on the primary home theatre units in Den, Sun Lounge and Living Room. Turn it back on. It’s necessary to support the surrounds/Subs in those rooms over dedicated 5GHz connections. They’re currently communicating (badly) over 2.4GHz to the Main Bedroom primary speaker.

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Thanks ratty I disabled the wifi as I had these units on the wired network as I assumed it would work better obviously I was wrong I will enable this and try grouping the rooms again and come back to you.


After you re-enable the wireless, wait 5-10 mins and take another matrix snapshot.


The wording around disabling the “WiFi” in the controller has been unhelpful ever since the feature first appeared. It has nothing to do with “WiFi” as most understand it; it disables SonosNet.  In the case of home theatre primary units it also knocks out the 5GHz private wireless essential for connecting the satellites reliably. Some of us have been banging on for years about clarifying what “disable WiFi” actually does...

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Hi ratty, well that made so much difference I grouped all the rooms and all worked flawlessly matrix now looks like this which I assume it should

many thanks for your help in resolving this issue your a genius😀 

The topology has of course completely changed and the connections are looking distinctly more healthy.

The Sun Lounge surrounds/Sub are showing high local interference at that instant. I suspect that (a) Sun Lounge was paused, so the satellites were idling on 2.4GHz, and (b) there might have been some Bluetooth activity in the vicinity or some other 2.4GHz interferer. 

To see how things would really look when in operation, start something playing (TV or music) in each of the home theatre rooms. This will put all the satellites on 5GHz. Wait a couple of mins then take another matrix shapshot. 

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ratty i have grouped the three home theatre rooms all playing the same and snap shot below

should I do the same with them ungrouped playing different on each?

That looks absolutely fine, about as good as it gets. See how things go from now on. 

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Thanks ratty again thanks for all your help

Also to all who contributed many thanks

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The disable WiFi option confuses a lot of folks as the label is misleading.

While it does disable the WiFi it does so by turning off the radio, so all functions that use the radio are also disabled.

Glad you got it sorted out.

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Thanks Stanley again thanks for your help and yes that is a bit confusing if I remember it also says something like you need a wired connection to disable wifi which I took to mean if you have a wired connection then you don't need the wifi that is why I disabled it.

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They really need a different word than WiFi and a note it should never be turned off until you consult with Sonos Support.

It is useful if you have a stack of Amps or Ports as they can end up messing up each other’s wireless signals.