Will Sonos work with google home?

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OK so I spent the weekend hacking and finally got a sonos volume controller for google home working on my local system, find the installation guide here - sorry if its a bit dense:

Saying "Hey Google, turn the volume to 50" initiates an IFTTT applet to create a file in dropbox called "volume.50.txt" which I then setup a python script on a raspberry pi to check every 3 seconds for new files in the dropbox, then parses out the volume number and sets the sonos volume using

I'm not the best python developer out there and I only have volume working for now, so if anyone has anything they'd like to add feel free to fork, pull request, etc. It should be pretty easy to build out other commands like night mode, mute, and room specific commands too. Anyway it should work as a workaround until we get some officially supported functionality.

Cheers, Zach
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Multi room speaker purchase is a commitment. I totally understand how important Google Home support is for some people. I have an Echo Dot and 2 GH. My family likes the accuracy of the GH better and we are Prime users. Right now Sonos is crushing the competition with their integrations and these require coding not the design and manufacture of new speakers thus Google Home support only adds to the allure of the platform.
@Airgetlam - Unfortunately lots of talk and little action on the development side. Creating another speaker to replace an already existing product that won't save the company isn't good business. Googling to get more unspecified development information is no help. But appreciate your fanboy response regardless. Provide product support to the people that have already invested in the Sonos line so that word of mouth can continue to flourish. At this point, I don't know if I would recommend the Sonos line to others when so many other products already integrate into many main home automation products. (i.e. Google Home, Alexa, etc.)
The Playbase has been in development for 4 years, voice activation was announced in August of last year. If you think the 4 year development cycle of hardware affects the software development of the last 6 or so months, then you have a lot to learn about CE development. Simply put, there is nothing about releasing the Playbase which would even be a bump in the road for voice control.

Now go ahead and take the cowards way out of your ignorance by calling me a fan boy. That's when I know I win a debate.
How long can Sonos hold off on better integration? I'm getting the feeling that the Sonos home automation integrations will be a chapter in a future release of The Innovator's Dilemma.

Sonos has said they want to be platform agnostic, but I don't think they have actually announced a timeline for Google home support yet have they? Alexa support is promised by end of 17. Possibly 16 months from announcement to delivery. But I'm with you Google home support is something that I would really like to come to Sonos.

For all we know they could be working on Google home support now. Or maybe it will never come. If you want voice control of your Sonos in the near future it seems that Alexa is the only sure thing right now and it still could be many months away from release ( or not)
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I would guess any announcement on google home will follow on from successful Alex intergration.
This conversation began with Google Home, but the scope is much larger now with Google Assistant available on every Android phone. This is a huge miss for Sonos to not provide integration either on par or ahead of Alexa at this point.

If anything, the lack of these integrations will hurt Sonos for people like me who want the speakers for the audio quality. I can already say "Hey Google, play music on my speakers" and with Chromecasts in place, this works perfectly. Sonos' inability to adapt and provide integrations for Google Assistant is preventing people like me from buying their top-tier speakers.

Living in a small house, I want just one Play 5 for both TV and music, but I'm limited to using the audio input for TV. Thus, I need this integration to even make this a viable option without buying multiple more expensive speakers.

* Please come soon—I'm willing to even help develop it at this point 😉 *

Naw, once they get the coding completed for Echo, its a matter of some number changes before they can get it to work with google home, which should take a week if they really wanted to.

You are correct about the baseline code facilitating easier integration of other assistants, but a week? That's really funny, even if you are not serious. If you are, it's hilarious.
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Unknown at this time. I certainly think we will see Echo support first. A lot of unknowns right now regarding Google Home.
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Hi sdraizin, welcome to the Sonos community. We have nothing to announce at this time regarding Google Home. We'll be sure to keep everyone informed if this changes.
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One thing is for sure, Alexa they have announced and it will be here 1st quarter 2017, so google home is good year way at best, my guess......
You could always sell Alexa in a years time ;O)
Looks like I just may have to purchase both. ;)
Although I do hope for Google Home support soon.
I know you are asking about direct support but a Chromecast Audio is only $30-35 and can be used as an input on Play 5 today (I use this already). Therefore, Google Home control is easy to add, assuming your setup includes a Play 5 . Plus, Sonos already supports casting directly from Android devices. It seems like Google Home might be able to exploit this capability as an avenue to provide support pretty soon, if not immediately.

I ordered Google Home because I believe their device will be much smarter than the Amazon version. I also use the Google applications already, so that is a big plus too.

Ahh, great idea. Thank you.
I already have two PC's going into Play 5's line in. Good idea to add a Chromecast Audio.
One thing is for sure, Alexa they have announced and it will be here 1st quarter 2017, so google home is good year way at best, my guess......
You could always sell Alexa in a years time ;O)

Should be much sooner. First, according to the Verge Google says Sonos integration with Google Home is "supposedly coming soon", which suggests 1st quarter 2017. [] Secondly, Google is more experienced with third party integration (historically open platforms) and I would expect them to integrate much quicker than Amazon has with Sonos.

The real question is the level of voice support - simple pause/play functionality on one end of the spectrum, and full Sonos control on the other. Whichever is more robust with the better user voice interface (UVI?) will be the more compelling choice. At the moment, the Google Assistant software is a much deeper, conversational algorithm and might offer more control. Alexa is mostly a one-trick-at-a-time girl at the moment.

FWIW, I have one Echo and four Echo Dots, so I'm not rooting for Google here, just projecting ahead a bit based on the Amazon/Google platforms and histories. As applied specifically to Sonos integration, Amazon may be first but I'd be surprised if Google isn't the better choice soon.
It all depends on real world performance. Google has struggled a bit lately with the Nest/Dropcam unit so it will be interesting to see how Google Home fares once it gets out of the lab and into the peoples homes.
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I was debating canceling my order for more dots but decided they would work well for me and to stick with echo.
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That verge article is the only reference i'vs seen to google home & sonos, so either they know something no one does, and have let it out the bag, or they have taken a big flyer.....
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That's a shame, I know how you feel, I use both.
Sonos is way slicker, less power leads for GCA, always on and waiting for that button press on top.
With GCA i have to power the amp on, power GCA on, power tablet up (if the battery hasn't run out). Get iplayer playing radio, then press cast button and hope it works. It usually does.
Chromecast is being renamed google home next few days, with renamed apps.
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Bye. Good luck with your informed decision buying with you new choices, which don't actually exist yet.
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Not sure this will ever happen.
Sonos would just become another casting speaker like sony, LG, etc, loose their ecosystem status, loose sales of connect & connect amp.
Google may well release other speakers themselves later on as Home develops.
So far Alexa is only partnering with sonos and denon Heos, that I know of. This will drive sales for all partners, sonos users will buy Alexa, and Alexa users might want better speakers.
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Chris, what are you guesses on google home & sonos? boy I want it, but will it happen?
I guess the other way of looking at it, is that it would bring the two together and extend sonos into google homes, large apple hater market as well.....
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The problem with Smartthings and sonos integration (and thus the ability to work seamlessly with Home) is that the integration is subpar at best. If the integration had been polished -- in such a way that I could access my Sonos preset in the Smarthing hub, then yes, A Smartthings user would not be needing direct integration between Sonos and Home.
One thing is for sure, Alexa they have announced and it will be here 1st quarter 2017, so google home is good year way at best, my guess......
You could always sell Alexa in a years time ;O)

Pre-Order customers get theirs Nov 4 - I know, because that's when I'm getting mine.
Why would you say Alexa cannot do things like that? It has access to both your schedule and traffic conditions. As to the "smartness" of Alexa, Alexa's "smarts" are in the cloud, not the device, so its "smartness" is not limited to the device, only to the ability of the cloud.
If I were to guess, there would be 2 potential issues there:

1) They only have X number of folks to work on integration, and they're all dedicated to Amazon (maybe Amazon paid them to do them first)

2) There's a possibility that Amazon paid for exclusivity for a period of time? I'm just guessing here, but I think it's entirely possible.

Some combination of these two might be why they haven't announced your desired outcome. But I think that if you can wait for some undefined period of time, you'll get your wish.

There seems to be a lot of competition in this space, between Google, Amazon, and Apple (and likely others, as well). I'm sure that not unlike their music sources, Sonos would benefit from being associated with as many of them as possible. So it boils down to how quickly and easily each can be integrated into the software/feature set on both sides.

I happen to be a user of both Apple and Amazon, but would welcome the Google Home feature set as well, so that I had choice, and so that Sonos would continue to thrive and make my substantial investment in their hardware worthwhile. I recognize that these things don't happen overnight. I've been in negotiations of this type before, and frankly, until the ink is dry on both side's signature on a contract, it's all just vaporware.