The wish for a small speaker…..

  • 30 October 2023
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This is mendt to be for the people in Sonos development.

I think Sonos is doing a pretty good job in all of they capasities. It’s a good specter of product to choose from.

But now i’m seaching for a speaker on the small side,and here is what i “wish” for. 
A speaker who i can use in a bathroom,witch means it need to handle some sort of damp enviroment. It need to be able to use as stereo-pair with a Sub/Sub mini and be able to be used as surround. It need to be smaller than the Play:1/One/One SL’s but bigger than a Roam. I could wish for a angle powercord-connector too. It is something i could mount flush on a wall without drilling whole in my wall…the mount could be using doubleside tape as attachment. It could be wireless/battery power,but this is not mendt to be a portable speaker. This is just to “deal” with a thinner powercord instead of the normal size cords from Sonos….it’s to have the minimum on a bathrooms wall if you understand what i mean. 
The Move had been great for this,but i can’t hang a 6kg speaker on the wall with doubleside tape. And it’s way too big. And it can’t be paired with a sub(or two…)

Maybe it could be an Atmos-speaker as well with upward-fire speakers. Remember…there is “just” the Era 300 who support this by Okt 23 and it’s on the pricy end of the scale. I’m thinking of something around or a little less than the Era 100 in price-range.

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That’s an interesting concept, @BOL74 

How much time do you spend in your bathroom, and how big is it? Do you really need a stereo-speaker-with-Sub setup in there? And if so, how big do you think the general market is for such a setup?

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I run you up with some info here….

I got a brand new house….i never had such an expencive piece of my own. When i start to fill inn stuff like pictures on the wall or hiding a cord….i do not wanna make ANY whole what so ever in my walls….remember this house gonna last the rest of my life perhaps 25-35years. Maybe i get sick and need to go in a retirementhome….what i’m saying is. I don’t wanna drill anywhere cause the value gonna be dropping. And for the bathroom i’m even more scared to make any wholes cause of the things behind the wall…it could be electrical,waterpipes or just the rubber membran(seal)…. Yes,i know there is instrument to find these pipes or whatever….but bottom line: No drilling in my walls.

The speakers will be a pair,and i have not figured it out where i want them to be placed. I could have them up in two out of tree availible corners(the forth corner is the shower-cabinet). The room is roughly 3x3 meters.

I wanna be able to listen to music/Radio while i’m showering,and i was planning to get a Ikea “Trådfri” volume-control knob to mount near the shower so i am able to adust it while showering.(yes i know bout the Hub i need for this Trådfri system).

I could use two Roam SL’s and have someone 3d print a shelf for the Wireless charger…but then it won’t match up the price of around 4000kr/$380/€350…..

And remember…when i shower i am inside a glass-cabinet.

PS: How bout a smaller version of the Ikea Bookshelf speaker(BS)

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Hello all nice people🤜


I have a littl update i’ve would like to share with the forum-users and to the “Sonos development”.

I think i have said something bout it in another thread,but i’ll uplight it….in case you(like me) don’t go and seach for it.

Cause of personal happening in my family,i’m left at the place i grew up along with my 90yo Granny. She have a clear head,but she broke her hips some years ago so she don’t walk so well. And her hearing is down quite a bit. 
I brought my Playbase&the Sub mini along to her place. And i got the Ikea BookShelf(Ikea BS red.adm.) with the Ikea Stand for it. I had them as surrounds but to be honest i could see it in grannys eyes she did not like them…AT ALL. But she never said anything. They had no proper placement either,so i took them back home to my place again.

During the last two-three weeks one of the biggest Elektronic-store here in Norway called Elkjøp had discount on some Sonos-items. So i grabbed a Roam for $143(org prize is $190). I could not belive the sound coming out of that small speaker. I start use it as a radio in the back-ground becide my chair in the livingroom. Belive it or not,but the next week i purcase a Roam SL and a wireless org Sonos charger(gonna get another Wireless charger for the Roam). The SL i have on my table becide my bed and it play the radio all night long👍.

Cause of the Roam’s size it could be placed in the window-frame behind me&granny’s chair and if possible used as surround with the Playbase/sub mini(yes i know it’s not possible as to this date). But Sonos…listen up: What if you made a non battery version of the Roam and made this possible? Call it Roam WR(WR=WiRe) as a suggestion.

I’m very impressed by the Roam/SL…. and there was a topic that someone said that even Volume 1% is too loud…then he did not hear bout the Roam😆🤭.

I have my Roam set to around 20-23% and it’s ok to still be able to sleep. 
I hope this did not bore you.


Have a Exellent Day&Be Well☀️