Thanks for completely breaking £2000 worth of Sonos gear

  • 15 October 2017
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64 replies

Try a chill pill, things are normally easier to solve and less stressful when 2 chill pills are taken up to four times a day.
Make sure to shut down all other devices that are sharing your WiFi, not just the Sonos devices. Home routers, unfortunately, can assign IP addresses which are already being used by other devices when they are power cycled. Assigning static IP ranges to your Sonos devices will prevent it in the future. Also, using a Boost, or plugging one Sonos device into Ethernet will put your system in SonosNet mode, which is far more robust than most home WiFi networks.
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You do understand it's not you I'm directing my ire at right? I'm not threatening legal action against you. Please tell me what other course of action there is open when perfectly good equipment is broken with a software update.

I have spent the last 3 hours literally trying everything to get the system working again, including resetting all the speakers and adding them to the system again and it sounds awful. De-synched, dropping out constantly. This stuff is supposed to just work, that's why it costs so much and we pay up. If that breaks then there's no difference between Sonos and a cheaper alternative.

Hopefully someone from the actual company might respond with a more helpful tone. Sorry I didn't kiss your backside the way you like it in order to get help from you.
Leaving aside the controller controversy, if there was a generic problem with the update that was breaking Sonos systems there would be hundreds of posts about it by now.

If you call Sonos Support tomorrow they will resolve it, remoting into your system if necessary.
When people come on here and ask for help, lots of us do our best to help. When someone comes on threatening legal action and shouting they tend to get a less sympathetic hearing
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Of course, how daft of me to get upset at having £2000 of audio equipment fail after a software update. Silly me for over reacting.

Sonos's stock in trade is reliable, drop out free audio and currently for me that is broken. But thanks again for being so helpful.
Your ludicrous post deserved a condescending reply.
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I would like to know exactly what else I can do to "Fix my network" other than switch everything off (including the router) and then powering things up again one by one. I've changed the Sonos channel - no effect at all. Changed the channel the Wifi router is working on - no effect at all.

All of this happened since we updated to this dog's dinner of a so called upgrade. Everything was fine up until that point.
Your network is the issue, not your Sonos products. Fix it, and your Sonos system will be working just fine again.
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Already done all of those things. But thanks for the condescending reply.
You probably have IP address conflicts, which can arise when units reboot in an update. Rebooting your router and networked devices would probably fix it. You might try that before hiring the lawyers.