System Constantly Disconnects and when I try to reconnect it cant find speakers

my sonos system consists of 2 Roams and a Move all in different rooms of my house. I have a Deco mesh wifi system consisting of my main router and a mesh pod upstairs, they each provide full coverage for my entire home (home size is 3600 sq feet). 


My sonos system rarely is always functioning at the same time, one, two or all three speakers are usually not on the network. when i turn them all off, turn them all on, reset the router sonos rarely if ever connects all the speakers. the speakers magically just appear and start working again after an hour or two and them disconnect randomly so i have reset them all and redo the router. it’s very frustrating. i ordered a Sonos blast to see if that will help. If it doesn’t i’m giving up on Sonos and switching to something more reliable for my home stereo. Anyone have any suggestions before I bail on Sonos? 


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Not sure what a Sonos ‘blast’ is, but if it is a Sonos BOOST, none of your speakers will connect to it, you’d be better off cancelling or returning that order. 

Mesh networks can be troublesome for Sonos, depending on how they’re set up. And I’m not an expert there, either, but you probably should check a few things. First, make sure your network is locked down to a single broadcast channel (1, 6 or 11), and not ‘Auto’. If it’s switching channels frequently, the Sonos will struggle to keep up with the changing signal. Also, make sure the broadcast is at 20mghz width, and not 40. Finally, make sure that the ‘pod’ upstairs isn’t creating a second subnet, but using the same one. Sonos requires all speakers and the controller to be on a single subnet, some mesh networks set up separate ones.

Finally, I’d absolutely recommend that you call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

thank you for your advice, after some investigation noticed that some of Sonos speakers were connecting on my “guest” Wifi network and some were connecting to my personal wifi network, it’s possible this has been part of or all of the problem. I did a factory reset on all the speakers and when I set them up a I made sure they were all on the same wifi network, it took a few tries as some of them kept trying to connect to the previously learned network. It’s been a few days and so far so good. Yes, you correct I had purchased the Sonos Boost, not Blast, per your advice I will not connect that. If the system drops out again I will work on the mesh system to see if that is part of the problem. 




There are two possible reasons for a Sonos speaker to try to connect to a ‘guest’ network. It either has the same SSID (name) as the regular network, or the Guest network’s data has been entered into the Sonos controller, under Settings>System>Network>Manage Networks. If the guest network’s data is there, remove it.