Spatial or not spatial

  • 8 August 2023
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So I have had my Era 300 since about April and intially I took a 3 month trial of Amazon music

Was not impressed in the method of finding and identifying Spatial music which is done through the Sonos app.


Now that trial has finished I have taken a 2 month trial on Apple music

Unlike Amazon Music there does not appear to be a way of identifying which albums are in Dolby Atmos.

Am I missing something.


I really was looking forward to this experience and although I love the sound of the Era 300 I find it difficult to find Dolby Atmost music.


Am I? Am I missing something?

2 replies

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I have Amazon music and a pair of Era 300s. The only way I can really do it is to check the Amazon music app on my phone to see which albums are Atmos, then find them on the Sonos app to play them. A little clunky but it works. I just wish the Sonos app could identify atmos tracks in the search. I cannot speak about apple music as I don't use that. 

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I use Apple Music and it sounds like I use a similar process as Sarah. I find music in the Apple Music app, add spatial songs to my library and then use the Sonos app to play them. This is something that Sonos really needs to improve.