Sonos Roam is Pure Garbage

  • 5 December 2021
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My Roam SL hates this feature. Still takes a manual pair away from home. Concur with the OP it is garbage. 

My Roam (called Vortex) connects to Bluetooth immediately when away from Home with the Sonos Bluetooth ‘Always Auto Connect’ feature - don’t need to manually do anything - it’s all automatic. Maybe an issue with your chosen paired device, or perhaps it’s user error. I have another Roam and that works in the same way too with the Sonos feature enabled. It simply auto-connects over Bluetooth whether I’m away from Home or at Home. The attached shows it working when I’m away from the Home network and no intervention from me. I just simply power on the Roam. 

Sonos Product Managers, maybe introduce a Sonos Roam BT (think: SL line, but you take away home network capability and the need to use the Sonos app)? It might help stop the bloodshed on this thread. Plus, you got a strong audience willing to buy from this conversation alone. I'd buy it, even for the same price, because I solely use my Roam when travelling for the sound quality in a compact package. In other words, I wanted "just a bluetooth speaker" and was willing to throw money at you knowing full well I was going to use roughly 2% of what you painstakingly designed it for. In my mind, what's another $200 when I already spent $20k with you furnishing my home with speakers I've been desperately trying to hide behind couches and picture frames so my wife doesn’t see it?

I know what you're thinking, this probably could be done with an optional software update, but f- that, make that money. I'll be ready to checkout when you introduce it. You're welcome.

I’m thinking you’re perhaps not up-to-date with Sonos current features - just enable Bluetooth Always Auto-Connect in the Sonos App, when away from Home, the Roam will always auto connect to the paired nearby BT device. It’s a feature you will find available in the Sonos Room Settings in the current version of the S2 Sonos App. It makes the Roam work, rather like a BT speaker when out and about.


Now you can go buy your Roam.👍

Thanks for this and the link to the Support article - much more helpful than the vague and non-descript in-app setting name.

Still kinda wish they didn’t have this option and make a less-functional Roam. I probably would have shelled out $200 to avoid hours of reading to finally make my Roam just a bluetooth speaker. Either way, really appreciate your involvement in the forums and willingness to help out idiots like me. 

I realize that this post doesn’t contribute a thing.  For the 20th time in the past year, I decided I would be optimistic today, spend a bit of time fiddling and cajoling my Roam into waking up and doing something.  30 minutes of futility later, for the umpteenth time, it is totally unresponsive. I was curious and thought I’d just search for “Sonos Roam is garbage” found this thread with others feeling the same.  Comfort in not feeling alone. 

No, I’m not going to get into the specifics of what, how, and wherefor the Roam reacts or behaves.  It quite simply is a useless device and is now in my dumpster.  I have multiple Moves (love), several deprecated 1st Gen Play 5s, Beam, PlayBar, Ones, etc.  Like others, I am a long-time Sonos believer and have also started to build out a collection in my daughter’s home.  But the Roam is a bad product plain and simple.  The other Sonos products have been as reliable as electricity, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.  The Roam on the other hand - I mean who else has gotten sore fingers trying to hold down that undepressable button on that thing ?  The product line is very impressive, but Roam is the rotten egg.

Hear! Hear! I have two other Sonos products that work well. But the Roam SL is PURE TRASH. 2/5 times it will not connect to my system. What’s more, when I contact tech support it’s ALWAYS the same response. “Hard Reset the entire device” which obliterates all your settings and registration. I love Sonos, but I hate this Roam SL. 

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Completely agree, the Roam  is the worse Alexa / Google / Voice controlled  Smart Speaker I’ve ever owned, terrible connectivity, it disconnects from the app and it’s a hustle to make it play music reliably because even using AirPlay and Bluetooth  the music is cutting out, and forget  about Google assistant compatibility, it never worked for me, forget about Alexa routines and droping  features, they aren’t even supported, Alexa often has connection issues, is slow to respond  and gets stuck, and this never happened to my blue Echo 4th gen which still works absolutely fine,  music stops and skips using Apple Music, and I’m tired of not being able to pair it with Bluetooth using the rear button since the recently released 15.1 update.
Whatever it is, it might be a network problem, it might not, I’m not a technician to solve networking problems and I made a network test: Results?  0 buffering, great video resolution and all other devices work absolutely fine, so no, it’s not a network interference problem, at least that’s what I’ve seen. 
I’ll return the speaker, I’m sad because it sounds amazing, but I’m tired of playing games from  Sonos blaming the network. What a $250 paperweight this is, unfortunately    

This is the the worst Sonos product out there, and we have 15 total products.


the connection almost never works; it won’t charge, and the music cuts in and out almost every attempt.


don’t buy this piece of crap

Dude!!!! Struggled with all the same issues… I wanted to throw the thing against the wall. And finally after a year… Sonos Support telling me to restart… that just what I did. I restarted with BOSE!! Problem solved! Sonos is pure garbage!! ~Mike USA!