Sonos Roam dead a little over a year and 4 months

  • 8 January 2024
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If anyone is researching purchasing their Sonos Roam, I recommend getting the 3 year extended warranty Sonos offers.

I purchased my Sonos Roam kit (2) in April of ‘23 and used them pretty often when outside enjoying the pool. I hadn’t used them recently during the winter months, but I did notice that my roams would disconnect, but still appear like they were playing. Then one day, nothing. I couldn’t reboot them, and they would constantly show an orange led charge light with no other responses.

I contacted support and they said the device batteries were depleated and that I can return them for a 30% off coupon. 😆 You would think at least a 50% coupon would be justifiable here … but 30% it is.

Luckily I have a credit card where I could submit a warranty extension replacement that covers an additional +1 year over the manufacturers warranty. Now i’ll be able to use my 30% coupon to purchase another set + the 3 year extension.

I hope this new set has a better battery life. But hopefully you purchase the extended warranty, as i’m not very hopeful that these batteries will last much longer than a couple years.


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1 reply


I assume the purchase date stated is incorrect in your post? 

Anyhow, I regularly keep the two Roams, that the Wife and I use, charged-up most days (even if not using). They are either sat on a Qi charger, or linked to a USB-C (PD certified) charger and have been fine for 3 years now. We just fully discharge the batteries to around 20% battery level every few months and they still play for many hours when taken away from the Home in the camper van. So I think it’s a case of perhaps not letting the li-ion batteries get regularly discharged for long periods of time. That tends to ruin the batteries I suspect. Anyhow I hope all goes well with your new Roams and it’s a good idea to extend the warranty period too - I would recommend that aswell.👍