Setting up SONOS on a dual band network

  • 16 February 2015
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Simple question really.... I'm about to set up a Play:1 and Play:3 and have a few questions. My router is a dual band Trendnet TEW-818 transmitting 3 networks 2.4 (b/g/n legacy devices) , 2.4 (n only IP Cams) and 5(n/ac modern hi-speed devices). My PC and android device both connect on the 5Ghz network. Now I know that SONOS runs on 2.4 (b/g) but when I'm setting up the system do I have also have to put one of the devices also on the 2.4 network? And once setup will I be able to use the the PC and android on 5Ghz and still control the speakers? My router automatically passes traffic between all the networks, for example on my Android I can see all devices on my network both wired and wireless regardless of network. Thanks in advance.

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4 replies

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Simple answer is sonos device runs on 2.4, the controller can run on either band. The problem with the controller can be that as it's dynamically trying to connect to your wifi between the two bands you can get drop-offs so your sonos device will keep playing but the controller will stop. To alleviate this problem for me, I have locked down the bands so on my iPhone 6+ It is connected to my wifi on the 5ghz band and on girlfriends iPhone 5 connects to the 2.4ghz
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I have run with 3 routers all on the same subnet, once the system is set up, as long as you connect to the same router/routers as the Sonos setup then you can use either the 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency. I can connect to either router on any device and the Sonos system is always picked up. No drop outs, seemless play.
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....just remember, if you have a guest network and try to use this, it will not pick up the system.
Hi Dave - I know you posted here a while ago but hoping you can help. I have recently got a dual band router (TP Link Archer C50) and since then I've been having real problems with the sonos - mostly around the controller (iPhone 6). You mentioned above about locking down the bands so you have one iPhone on 2.4 and the other on 5ghz. Please can you advise how ou lock the bands down for a specific advice?
Thanks in advance