Roam Dead Customer Support

  • 5 August 2021
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My Roam that died about 1 ½ weeks ago and I immediately tried to reset/reboot by using troubleshooting steps on the Sonos website with no luck.  Then I tried the Sonos chat and, after asking me to try everything I had done before, they told me I had to call Sonos support .  After talking to S support at least 7 times over 5 days and having them require me to send a video of the reboot/reset steps I had taken multiple times, they finally sent me a RMA to replace the Roam.  To get S to send the replacement before they received the dead Roam, they required me to pay full retail (I got a discount by having an S Connect) which they promised to refund after they received the defective Roam.  After having not having the use of the R for so long, the option of waiting for a replacement until they received the dead R was a non starter for me. I received the replacement today and it seems to be performing well.  We’ll see how long it takes them to get the refund to me as they received the dead R yesterday.  Just wanted to let others know about the ridiculous steps I had to go through to get a defective S product replaced and to try to get S to correct a flawed support procedure.

In case this post is deleted, I’ll be posting on the Sonos Reddit page.

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3 replies

Unless you break the Community Code of Conduct, Sonos doesn’t delete posts, to my knowledge. 


I guess we’ll find out - just posted on Reddit anyway.  Thanks.


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In my experience Sonos are a little touchy, there’s a fighting chance they’ll remove it. 
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