Reduce idle consumption energy level (currently around 5W)

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Sonos devices on average consume about 5 watts each if idle. Having 5 sonos devices around this means 25 watts on average idle consumption. Over a year this is about (25x24hx365) 219 kwh. In Germany where 1 kwh is about 0,30 Euro Cent this then means about 70 Euro (about 100$) just to maintain an idle system. This is just too much and could easily be reduced. Looking at the environmental aspect this gets even more critical: There are around 2.5 million Sonos devices around. This adds up to 110,000,000 kwh or 110 million kwh.

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I still don't understand how this power saving thing is supposed to work in a large installation where idle players are still routing traffic for players that are being used. Am I supposed to guess the optimal route for a given player within the wireless mesh and then go from room to room turning on the intervening players that the signal needs to travel through before I can get music in the room I want to play?Also losing player state and playlist information is not acceptable under any circumstances. It is bad enough when it happens due to an unintentional power failure and it will never be an acceptable compromise to achieving other design goals.
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I love my sonos system but I love my planet more. Something has to be done on this via firmware.

The idle power draw has definitely kept me from adding more units to my system.
Please Sonos build something like the mentioned schedule. It would be so nice to shut off the system for example from 12pm to 6am so it would save the half of the standby power consumption costs.

Would be so great if we hear anything from you.
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For people who wire all of their players you can actually reduce the 'low power' (or 'idle') energy consumption by disabling the internal Wi-Fi hardware. For example, rather than 5W on idle it'll be around 3 to 2W instead, just by disabling the Wi-Fi hardware. It may not be much but when looked at in regards to the overall scheme of things it can add up to quite a big bit of power saving.
I've done this myself and used equipment to measure the power draw with and without this hardware enabled.

While this is not officially supported by SONOS it is not something that will damage or hinder the capabilities of your players or system, SONOS just prefer the Wi-Fi aways be on in the off chance that you may decide to go wireless with one or more players.

You can give it a shot:

Most people want a scheduler to disable the complete Sonos at night. kmjy's proposal is only for advanced people that do not want to wait for a solution. But of course it works only if you do not disturb the Sonos.NET. In my case a set of Play:5 is connected through LAN beside the bridge.It does not make sense to have the Play:5 WLAN enabled as the other players are placed in the other direction of my house.
This issue makes me think about Sonos alternatives. The idea of Sonos is great, but the standby power consumption is a no-go for me, so I havent bought any Sonos device yet. My favorite setup will be a CONNECT and a PLAY:5.

@Sonos: Please implement a solution for the standby power consumption or let the system power off easily and convince me to choose your products ;)
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I wanted to buy two Sonos Play3s for two bedrooms - but no way am I going to add any more wifi to the six components I already have. Eight units at 5 watts each for a year and spraying us with wifi all the time - even while we sleep - it's just not on.
+1 for standby / power off

Why no response from SONOS on this very urgent problem or even much better why still wait for a good solution
Heros 7 : stand-by 4.5watt (network standby), 0,3 watt ( deep standby).
sorry it should have been HEOS 7
I use a programmable remote power plug on my sonos Playbar, Sub and two rear "One" units so I can switch them off when I turn of the TV or Music, I also have another button to power of the TV. Other accessible sonos units in kitchen & bedroom are manually turned off when not required.
I would love to see a powersave feature.

Example: i usually dont need it between 01:00 and 05:00 o clock.

This could be very easilly configured.
Also wake up on press could be implemented in conjunction.

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I am considering to by Sonos products to cover my house. Roughly 10 units to make stereo pairs. It represents 50w (5wx10) 24/24h x 365 so about 70 EUR per year, 200 kg of CO2 over the year.
This is non sense. For most of the people, between work and night, the system is consuming power for nothing.
For now I am holding from buying. Reading at this post, over 4 years old now, it is clear that Sonos does not mind a penny of power saving request from customers.
Corporate responsibility is equal to 0 on that regard.
Denon Heos offers deep Stand By mode where the units are drawing only 0,6W, which is much better. Caveat: user has to put manually in deep sleep mode and to reactivate manually as well. So it is pretty useless. Not buying either.
Bluesound does not seem to do better...

Will need to spend extra money to buy smart plugs to program time when power can be cut off night and working hours). Considering the savings made it will take a few years to get the money back but at least, the little birds will love me...
Before totting up savings and little bird love, also factor in the cost in money and environment impact of faster equipment replacement arising from shorter service life arising from power cycling it. No one can say what this is, but arguably it may cancel out leaving the little birds in the same place as before.

On the other hand, not covering the whole house has a more definite impact on little birds.
This thread is 4 years old. The 5 watts thing is now under 3 watts for the Play:5 and One.
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This thread is 4 years old. The 5 watts thing is now under 3 watts for the Play:5 and One.
Wrong: my wattmeter on which my Play:1 is plugged says 5w, on idle status, after few hours of non use, not playing. I am in Europe with 230v power.
Si if Play:1 is above the listed specs from Sonos, I don't expect the Play:5 to be more accurate..

Kumar: I would be interested in statistics about the lifespan of PSU plug in all the time vs one being unplugged regularly.
Then we could compare the two and see if what is the less costly for the consumer between power savings + replacement vs plugged all the time...we are talking of years of ownership... so until my house is powered by solar panel, I will continue to care about power consumption of the devices which are always on.
Add up all the items in the house and all these tiny streams become rivers.

Kumar: I would be interested in statistics about the lifespan of PSU plug in all the time vs one being unplugged regularly.
Then we could compare the two
Add up all the items in the house and all these tiny streams become rivers.

See what I wrote earlier - this isn't available, but the phenomenon is known. So the only sure way to avoid rivers is to have less streams to start with. Or do something like what I do - turn off power to only those units that are not used on a daily basis and turn it on only when needed. Hopefully, this leaves me ahead on the equation with rooms where the music is needed once a week or less.
I also walk instead of using the car, as much as I can. Saves on doctor's bills as well that way. Isolated environmental gestures are usually not worth the trouble.
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A simple switch can save the idle power use, this type is handy if the outlet isn't handy:

This type works well if the outlet is easy to reach:

Fancy and may well waste too much power you have ones like these:

Sonos may not have a lot of options to reduce idle power further - the processor, Ethernet and WiFi all need to be available so the system can be contacted and told to wake up when needed. That doesn't leave a lot that could be powered down on a connect, on a player or connect amp there are the amplifiers, but I believe they are already being powered down at idle from looking at my (Play 3 and 5) power measurements.
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My bad: I tested again the power consumption of my Play:1 with another wattmeter and in idle mode it draws 2.7W. Much better. But still a few watts x times the speakers....
I am looking for remote controlled switch so that I can easily turn on and off the speakers according to the needs. So thks to Stanley for the links, I will have a look tonight!!
Ill do someThis thread is 4 years old. The 5 watts thing is now under 3 watts for the Play:5 and One.

Are you referring to updated software? Or because of new hardware (new Play One, new play 5). My devices are all the old models (3x play1, 2x play3 and 1x playbar). Was there an improvement from software and if yes, when did it happen?
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