Rearranging my speaker groups.

  • 13 May 2024
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Last year, I set up my pair of ONE SL speakers in my BEDROOM and my pair of ONE speakers in my MEDIA ROOM with my Gen 3 Sub and ARC. I want to switch the ONE speakers to my BEDROOM and vice versa. I have physically made the switch, but I don’t know how to change the pairing on my app, so now when I am watching tv in my MEDIA ROOM, I hear the tv on my ARC, but the BEDROOM speakers upstairs are working.  

1 reply

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In the Sonos app, choose the “Remove Stereo Pair” option under the Bedroom settings.

Then choose the “Remove Surrounds” option under the Media Room settings. Choose the “Set up Surrounds” option and select the One SLs as your surround speakers.

Go back to the settings for one of the Ones and choose “Set up Stereo Pair”.

Rename the room for the stereo pair of Ones.