Portable, rechargeable, outdoor speakers

  • 22 June 2015
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When will Sonos come out with rechargeable portable wireless weatherproof/outdoor speakers? Want to easily bring them outside when I'm working on my car or in the pool, this would be a long overdue addition to the product line.

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7 replies

Yes!!  Please consider making this an option.  Surprised it doesn't already exist!
I too, am surprised that a portable weather proof / bathroom compliant device similar to the Bose SoundLink mini.

I have been holding off buying any more Sonos Equipment as I have been wanting a device for the bathroom. If Sonos does not come up with one soon, I will decide to sell up and buy another brand instead, whoever is first and best to market.

Even if Sonos comes up with a way of sending out the playlist that is stored through the control device via bluetooth (iPhone, iPad or Android device), that would be good enough so that I can use any bluetooth speaker.

C'mon Sonos, listen to your customers, this is more important than another set of Play speakers. How about "Play Portable" or "Play Anywhere" Play anything.....with rechargeable batteries.
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I'd consider this too. Tinkering in the garage, or working in the garden, sorting the shed, cooking on the BBQ - wandering back and forth from the house and getting everything in sink again. On the whole I'd imagine that there are a lot of speakers that would do 90% of what I wanted via bluetooth/radio, but then the same argument could be used about the rest of my house too I guess.
I echo the same thoughts. A portable, rechargeable Play: 1 would be great. Right now I have to string an extension cord 85 feet to my Gazebo. I have a great wifi signal there. This would make working/playing outside so much more convenient and fun!!
Think about it, the market for a portable WiFi speaker has to be tiny, and there's no way it could compete with the thousands of portable, waterproof Bluetooth speakers that are small enough to throw into a carry on. There's no way a WiFi speaker will match the 40-hour battery life of my little FuGoo BT speaker, either.

You'll soon be able to switch from sending Spotify to the BT speaker to casting to Sonos, so moving indoors will be practically uninterrupted. Sonos is the perfect INDOOR system, BT speakers are better for portability. I just don't see this happening from Sonos, but I've been wrong before.
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Is this what you want?
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I absolutely agree that a re-chargeable speaker is required in the SONOS range asap. It does not necessarily need to be weatherproof (for my purposes). I would purchase 2 immediately