Play5 No light! No sound! No Happiness!

  • 7 August 2014
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One of my Play5's quit working while playing and the light is out. I rebooted the system, unplugged and re-plugged. I even swapped locations and chords with my other Play5 that is still working. No dice. Light is out. I think it is broken. Please help.

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47 replies

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Thanks jgatie. Good to know Sonos isn't for people who like their sound system to work 🙂
Me too - same problem. And no, the factory reset didn't work.
Sonos has been my chosen system for the last 4 years. But where is their response to this issue?
Same exact problem here with my Play 5. Has anyone had any luck with Sonos support standing behind their product on this? I love my Sonos systems that i have got... but i am pretty disappointed that my favorite speaker (the 5) just quit working with such light use. 😞
I had the same issue on one of my play5s after 6 years of use.
After contacting the support via the online form I was overwhelmed by the generous solution offered by Sonos and I’m a bigger Sonos fan than before.
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I have sonos play 5: gen2
For me the same problemoes not want to include at all no indicators absolutely nothing works out what the reason could beI tried absolutely all the instructions that were given in sonos.
The first absolutely everything but no life in it has absolutely no one
Now what's next How can my problem be fixed? Thanks
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There should be a solution to the problem
So it suddenly stops working
Since my sonos is no longer guaranty what we are doing
Please, I'd like you to help me
kibiraa, I responded to one of your other posts.
Same problem here. I think they have issues with power supply's in general. I have the issue with Play 5, and connect amp as well. After warranty, they want you to send to them and pay! I like equipment that works for more than a couple, or a few years and craps out.
I've had my PLAY:5 for about 7 years, I think, and never had an issue with it.
Same issue. Play5 just stopped working. Actually in middle of a song. The other play1s kept playing. Light off. Unplugged, reset, swapped power cord, left off over night, nothing works. Sounds like this is a known problem for Play5s—only have a working life of a few years. Now I’m hoping my two PlayBars, Play3, and four Play1s don’t follow a similar fate or I wasted a lot of money switching from Bose to Sonos. Have been a loyal advocate for this brand, but that will change if their products have a short working life of only 3 years.
I guess, as with any product ...'factors', including location, heat, dust, usage, power surges etc. can cause some devices to last longer than others and warranties and extended guarantees are there to addresss those issues, plus we each may have access to consumer protection laws in some cases.

It's sometimes just a case of speaking to the supplier or manufacturer and see where negotiations go from there. I don’t think this is just a Sonos matter, it would apply equally to Bose and any other manufacturers too.

I think those who did not buy into protecting their purchase, for extended periods, also sometimes like to vent their anger too... which is understandable, I guess, in some circumstances.

I’m sure however there are many who just don’t bother to extend their warranty period.

What tends to 'nark' me a little more however, is when I buy an expensive product, to find a few weeks later a newer version is released to replace it.. that’s what comes of sometimes failing to do careful research.

So I tend to buy 'new product releases' these days, like the recent Sonos Beam, for example, and then later add them to an appliance protection policy as they near the end of their 12 month guarantee period. It’s rare however, I cover things beyond 3 years, as by then I’m often waiting and hoping for the manufacturers next hardware updated product.

We can all get caught out though by these things on occasions and that’s perhaps 'just life', or 'just our luck', isn’t it ?

I’m certainly going to extend the warranty on my new Beam for an additional 2 years, but I probably wouldn’t bother in the case of say a cheaper Play:1 at £140, with a 2 year guarantee from John Lewis here in the UK.
Hmm same thing has just happened here... my play 5 (version 1) has been working well for a long time, I just tried to use it tonight and it's dead, no response from anything. I have tried changing leads etc, but no light or sign of life at all... I haven't used it for a couple of days, so don't know exactly when it stopped but no response from it at all...
The same thing just happened to my Sonos Play 5 - I recently bought a Sonos beam and since then I have had problems with my Sonos play 5, 1. Gen. It worked again in periods but now it's completly dead. I have it is connected with wired and have a reserved IP address for it. There is not even light in the lan port. My guarantee is, of course, just expired :(
I'm trying to let it stand overnight without power - maybe I'm lucky...
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If it is dead put in a phone call to Sonos, they have helped a lot of folks with out of warranty issues. One warning though, if you have opened the unit Sonos isn't going to be happy and your options will be much more limited and likely expensive.
Thanks Stanly_4 - Called Sonos Support - They will replace it free of change - Great Support 😃
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I bought a Playbase and unplugged my Play5 to move to a new room.
When I plugged the Play5 back in the light didn’t come on and the unit seems dead.
What should I do? (I have double-checked the fuse is fine.)
Probably best to call Sonos directly, they have more options when speaking with you on the phone than they do here.
Mine stopped working too just yesterday. Did all workarounds and still not good.. disappointed as im fr asia and got this unit from ebay 5 years ago. Anybody here pls post if you resolved your case. Pls share. Sonos, pls do something. I love your product and i have 3 speakers. Pla helppp.

Same problem here…

worked fine yesterday, broken today. Does othing anymore, no light, no sound, no-thing 😵


ofcourse... out of warranty (for not so long)


will reach out to support but… (let’s see)

Same thing happening here 12/29/2019.  Light use Play 5 all of the sudden with no power, no lights, etc.  Tried reset and all other recommendations listed... but still nothing.

Contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

I usually suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are only available Monday through Friday during business hours. The Twitter support folks are available 24/7.


Same problem here…

worked fine yesterday, broken today. Does othing anymore, no light, no sound, no-thing 😵


ofcourse... out of warranty (for not so long)


will reach out to support but… (let’s see)

Reached out to Sonos, amazing support! Very happy about it, they reviewed my device and are replacing it… back a big (even bigger) sonos fan, immediately added a couple on my wishlist 😊😊😊