Play-1x2 vs Play-3x2 vs Play-5

  • 28 February 2017
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I have a Sonos 3:1 setup (SUB+PLAYBAR) in my living room for watching TV. I want to expand that system to include surround...


I also want to expand the system in the living room so that when I'm not watching TV, but listening to music, the sound in the living room will be big and full....

So...on the surface it seems like a single play-5 in the living room would make the living room rock...not caring about stereo. However, the Play-5 won't satisfy the surround add-on to the TV. So then I think two Play-1's or two Play-3's. Obviously the 3's are going to sound better, but it might be overkill, considering I already have the SUB and the PLAYBAR in the same room. What are your thoughts? Anyone think adding a couple of PLAY-1's to my existing SUB and PLAYBAR will come close to the sound of a single PLAY-5 in the same room for music, while giving me surround for TV?

Any other suggestions about what you might want to do so the living room sounds awesome for music listening and also hit the TV surround?

I also want something for the bedroom and the office. I'm thinking PLAY-1's would be fine in either case, but wondering if other people wished they have gotten a PLAY-3 in those situations?

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4 replies

Two Play:1's with the Sub and Playbar will be optimum foe surround and sound great playing audio with the surrounds in 'Full' mode.
Yes I also think two play:1's with the Playbar and sub should be more than enough to shake the room up...clearly its down to how big your room is, but I cant see u needing more than that....I used mine in "ambient" mode for the rears which I quite like, but you could go "full" as stated by jgatie
Its the Sub that does the shaking; may as well therefore get the cheaper and more discreet play 1 units for surround.
I have a Play 5 and 2 play 1s as a stereo pair. When it works, the sound is great and fills the room.