Play:1 and Alexa : Sonos is linked to Alexa skill but Alexa just cant find the Sonos device

  • 5 December 2023
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Sonos skill WAS  enabled in Alexa but don’t recall any account linking taking place

So  following suggestion's found on here I have subsequently Disabled the Sonos skill and re-Enabled it
That triggers the re linking,  prompted to sign into Sonos account, now says accounts are linked 
closing that screen, next screen is search for device 
But reports “Alexa couldn’t find a new device to connect”
Asks if I can control device using Sonos app -  Yes I can - it tries to connect again - fails again  and again 

Found the suggestion on here about changing the Sonos Play:1 name and going thru whole process again - still no joy  ( tried multiple names/times ) 

Any other suggestions please ?

Sonos App : Ver 15:10  on Android phone running Android 11
Sonos OS : S2
Hardware version :
I’m in the UK : so a supported region


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5 replies

The PLAY:1 does not have a microphone, and can not be used as an ‘Alexa enabled’ device. 

That being said, I do control a PLAY:1 using an echo dot, using Alexa voice commands.


Yes I’m aware that there is no mic in the Play:1
But do have plenty of Alexa devices here to perform the voice control part
Although the phone running the Alexa app could also do that 
If only I could the Alexa app to detect the Sonos speaker ?

Process I’m using

This is the process you should be using:

If it’s not discovering your device during that, I’d recommend that you call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your network and Sonos system.



Yes, that linked page is the process I’m trying 

I’ll give them a call later this week , see if they can help

If it gets fixed, I’ll report back here what the issue was


Called support …..

Feeling a little bit silly ….

Supp: 1st question : “Despite fact its reporting unable to find device, have you tried asking Alexa to play via that device ?”
Me : “Not sure, thought I had !”
Supp: “Give it a try ….“
Me :  “Ah - That seems to be working OK”

So just because it (Alexa)  says “Unable to find a device” 
Don’t necessarily believe it  - Actually try a voice command