Permanent groups comprising different rooms

  • 2 March 2015
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This topic has been in the "question" section for a year, and recently been marked as "answered", without actually being answered! So here we go again. Please incorporate a way of creating groups that consist of speakers across different rooms, which are permanent. A kind of favourite groupings. E.g. In the morning I want to use one group of speakers (all of them) to listen to the radio, as everybody in the house is awake. In the evening I want some rooms excluded, because our son is sleeping. When we have friends for dinner, I have another constellation I would like to use. BUT!!! I don't want to have to go through grouping and ungrouping every time. I would like to have easily selectable predetermined (setup by the user) groups of several rooms, where I can save certain volume settings for each group and have these synced as well (instead of having to do this each and every time as well) and am able to use the volume buttons on any of the groups speaker to change the volume simultaneously.

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5 replies

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Unfortunately Sonos seems deaf on that ear.. The request for virtual zones been around for years.
If there is a technical constraint that prevents this then Sonos should just tell us so folks will quit asking.
Would love an answer here. Anyone?
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Another vote for this feature, as once Echo intergration arrives, it would be great to be able to tell it to.
"Play (Radio Station) in Morning Group" for example
Would love an answer here. Anyone?

You aren't going to get an answer. Sonos very rarely speaks about future functionality; when it does it is something major like a partnership. The best you will get is an acknowledgement of your suggestion and a "we will pass it on to the developers".