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  • 14 January 2016
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Are there plans for producing outdoor speakers? If so hurry!

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5 replies

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Are there plans for producing outdoor speakers? If so hurry!

Hi msukruger,

We don't comment on possible future products or features. We will submit a feature request for an outdoor speaker though.

Some folks use CONNECT:AMPs in enclosures to power third party outdoor speakers.

I've moved this conversation into the wireless speakers area for better community visibility.
I like to see something close to what the BOSE outdoor sound stream offers from sonos. I really like to buy more SONOS speakers to add on to my play 3 to fill my new house and Patio but what is offered for outdoor speakers from sonos is pushing me away. I wish they would make announcement on if they are working on it or not. I consider on using the Connect AMP to power outdoor speakers they maybe lacking power for that.
If you feel you need more power, use a Connect with a separate amplifier.
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Can't find the source at the moment (it would be based on rumors anyway), but I'm fairly sure that I read an article a few months back that said that Sonos had, in fact been working on an outdoor speaker, but that the project was shelved as part of the decision to focus on voice control and direct control from 3rd party apps.
That was a portable speaker with a battery. I don't recall whether it was weatherproof, too.