OneSL Beeps on touch control

  • 17 February 2021
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Just purchased two items to start my Sonos journey, a Boost and one OneSL.

Setting up (as a SonosNet) was straightforward – the information on the Sonos Support pages was most helpful and the technical answers to some questions in the Community were very informative.  Today I’ve been able to link in my Brennan B2 and the whole system works like a dream – being able to choose music at one end of the house from the source at the other is superb!  So to my query...

Is there a way to mute the ‘beep’ every time you touch the volume control or play/pause on the OneSL?  I just find it an annoyance, and unnecessary – the change in volume or start/stop playing is sufficient confirmation of the touch.

Many thanks for any advice that can be given.


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3 replies

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Hi @ACCM1, welcome to the Sonos Community!

It’s not currently possible to disable the button tones, however I agree that this would be a great option to have - I’ll be happy to pass this forward to our engineering team as a feature request.

If you have any further ideas to improve the Sonos experience, we’re always happy to hear them :)

This has definitely been requested before, although I realise that there is a long list of ‘nice to haves’ and priorities have to be set.  But please add my vote to this request for an option.

Many thanks for picking this up Xander.

I’ve only had my first Sonos items (a boost and one OneSL) for one week but I’m hugely impressed with the sophistication of the system, the design of the equipment, the utility of the software, the sound it produces and the ease of setting-up.

The control buttons are very neat and useful, but the button tones rather stick out like a sore thumb.  To me they detract from the pleasure of listening and cheapen an otherwise excellent system; they add nothing useful to the product or Sonos brand!

No doubt it would be technically easier to remove them altogether, but an option button (like the child-proofing) would give everyone the choice and, I suggest, be warmly welcomed.

Please do what you can to promote the option.  Thank you!