Move doesn't reconnect after going to sleep...

  • 13 June 2022
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More random software issues….  I have had a Move for 2 days.  First day it was fine, added to my network, etc worked great.

Today I moved it outside with me (well within wifi range, the router is just on the other side of a window) and it worked fine until I pressed Pause and went away for a few hours.

Now I cannot get it to work at all.  The Sonos app shows its connected and playing music but no sound comes out.

I’ve got a solid white light and if press Play on the Move itself, it blink white for a bit and then back to solid white, still without any music.

What do I do?

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3 replies

See this earlier thread…


I think * it* will be useful to reboot

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Re-boot does not help.  Placing the moves back onto charger and leaving overnight normally resolves this problem.

I am hoping that the fix comes with the next update, which should be any time soon as it’s been over a month since the previous update.